How I survived going back to work


It’s been almost three months since I’ve been back to work. I still feel like the “new girl”, but everyday that passes I’m becoming more and more comfortable in my complicated role. It’s been a change for all of us. Our morning routines had to change suddenly and I try (although I’m not good at [...]

Ordinary People doing Extraordinary Things- Nici


When I started my series “Ordinary People doing Extraordinary things”, I approached my friend Nici to share her story. She’s kind, accepting, interesting, extremely talented, funny, and creative. We met working together years ago and I was so thrilled that she was open to sharing her journey as a surrogate.  I’m so in awe of [...]

Thanks to Project Smart Furniture, my family is making these 5 changes


Leon’s did a very cool social experiment called Project Smart Furniture where they tracked the amount of time family members spent in their living room. Using trackers for each person, Leon’s was able to get specific information based on each member of the family’s time spent near the couch in the living room. For example it tracked [...]

Beauty and the Beast discount code and giveaway

Beauty and the Beast giveaway

March 17. March 17. March 17. What’s happening on March 17 you ask? If you guessed St. Patrick’s Day, you would be right. But, and it’s a big but, there is something way more exciting than wearing green and drinking happening on March 17. The live action Beauty and the Beast movie will be released, [...]

Tracking family time with Project Smart Furniture


“Time spent with family is worth every second” -Unknown Life as a parent to two young kids is busy. Life as a parent is busy. Period. For my family, we are four people in four different places during the week. After a day at work, school and daycare, we all have a variety of other [...]

Two years ago today, a breast ultrasound changed my life


Feb 27,2005 will forever be the day that my life changed. You see a few days earlier in Feb 2015 I went to see the doctor.  Not my doctor because she was already gone. But I went to see her associate. At the beginning of January I had discovered a lump on the top of [...]

Ordinary People doing Extraordinary Things- Jamie


When I put a call out for stories about ordinary people doing extraordinary things, I made the assumption that people would be writing about other people who made an impact or went that extra mile or how people are doing things to make the world a better place. And then Jamie contacted me telling me [...]

First day of work after 22 months

My So-Called Mommy Life back to work after cancer

I could hardly sleep Sunday night because when I woke up on Monday morning, my life as I knew it, would be changing. My “cancer” leave was done and after 22 months of NOT working, I went back to work. But, I didn’t return to my old job. I found something new. A new job [...]

Welcoming 2017 with open arms!

My So-Called Mommy Life blog 2017

2017 is finally here! And I’m welcoming it with open arms. I am so ready for 2017. Let me explain. 2015 was the year that my life got sidetracked with my breast cancer diagnosis. I was diagnosed in March and completed active treatment by the end of November of the same year. After I finished [...]

Ordinary People doing Extraordinary Things- Nathalie


I had an idea about two months ago that I want to share stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things on my blog.  I am so lucky that Nathalie is the first person featured in this series! If you would like to take part in this series, please send me an email at No [...]