Thank you!


Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.  From the bottom of my heart, I need to thank each and everyone one of you. When I decided to share my news I was worried. Worried about my world changing SO much. Worried about being treated differently. Worried about my kids being told incorrect info from other kids. Worried [...]

An update


I have some news to share. And as I shared news of my initial cancer diagnosis 3.5 years ago, I am now sharing this. 367 days ago I received the most devastating news when I was told that my breast cancer has spread. Once breast cancer spreads to other sites in your body it is [...]

The sweet spot of parenting

My So-Called Mommy Life

I got the kids dressed and ready to leave. We had to be at the park to meet friends in 10 minutes. As I hurried them out the door, I grabbed my coat and my purse, locked the door and left. We got where we needed to go in time, but it didn’t hit me until [...]

Six Years Ago…….

My So-Called Mommy Life Blogiversary

Six years ago today, I pressed “Publish” on my first post on My So-Called Mommy Life and with that officially started my blog.    I love acknowledging this day every year as it’s so much fun to look back and see how far I’ve come since the beginning. I started this blog when Princess Peach [...]

Raising a skinny daughter

My So-Called Mommy Life skinny daughter

It was a pretty normal summers day. The kids had been at summer day camp all day and my husband and I relaxed by the lake. At the summer camp they attend, parents do daily drop-off and pick up. This is a huge bonus because we, the parents, are able to meet the staff, meet [...]

Visit these 4 places for indoor fun in the GTA

Jungle Land Vaughan

It’s crazy that Christmas vacation is almost done! At the beginning of the break I wasn’t sure how we were going to fill 2 weeks and considered putting the kids into winter camp just to keep them busy (and me and my husband sane!). In the end my husband and I decided to keep them [...]

Starting 2018 off right

self care

So, here we are. The last post for 2017. So crazy how quickly a year can go by and how many things can happen! A lot of people in my news feeds over the past few days have shared their new years resolutions or have chosen a word to define the coming year. I’m not [...]

What I’ve ordered from

Contigo kids water bottle

  Since partnering with in the summer I thought I would share with you what I’ve ordered and loved. For the most part I have been really lucky and happy with my purchases. On the off time that I’ve had a problem, Amazon’s customer service has been superb and rectified the situation immediately either [...]

My favourite kitchen items


My name is Renee and I love kitchen gadgets.  Let me tell you a little story. About 12ish years ago, I went to a street festival with one of my besties. We came upon a tent where if you signed up for a newspaper you got a kitchen gadget. Did I need the newspaper delivered [...]

Oh what Funakah, It’s almost Chanukah!


In just about 2 weeks time, Chanukah will start and oh are my kids ever excited! I am excited too! I have so many great memories of growing up having Chanukah parties at my grandmother’s house. She use to put everyone’s gifts in plastic laundry baskets, and then we would sort all the gifts out [...]