What I’ve ordered from Amazon.ca


IMG_9724Since partnering with amazon.ca in the summer I thought I would share with you what I’ve ordered and loved. For the most part I have been really lucky and happy with my purchases. On the off time that I’ve had a problem, Amazon’s customer service has been superb and rectified the situation immediately either with a refund or sending me another product. 

Although I’m not sharing everything that I’ve ordered, I’ve gone through all of my orders since August and I’m sharing some of my favourites with you! 

We love these contigo water bottles. Little Dude has been taking the larger ones to school but now with all his Winter gear his backpack is too heavy for him to carry. This three pack is the perfect size for him and they are easy to open and close! As a bonus, they are really easy to wash.

Contigo kids water bottle

I’ve wanted to play the guitar for something like 20 years but never bit the bullet and bought one. While researching which guitar to buy I got sidetracked by ukuleles and bought one! First of all I love that it’s pink! It also comes with a small tuner, a pick, a case and strap. Pretty good deal if you ask me! Stay tuned to my adventures with my uke! 

pink ukulele amazon.ca

Looking for a new duvet comforter? I recently ordered this one and it’s great bang for your buck! Not only is it hypoallergenic but for the current sale price of $50, you can’t beat it!

hypoallergenic duvet cover amazon.ca

Bath mats aren’t exactly a sexy purchase (but let’s be honest, non of my purchases are sexy!) but I’ve been so happy with this one! I got the clear one and it’s extra long and cover the entire floor surface of our tub. 

extra long bath mat amazon.ca

Princess Peach has had her ears pierced since she was 8 months old. We have gone through lots of earrings over the years and we have both been so impressed with these earrings. She does best with screw back earrings because they stay put and are harder to fall off. She also has very sensitive skin, and she’s had no issue with these ones. The price of these earring are very reasonable. Everything I’ve seen in stores are usually over $40. 

kids screw back earings

 I’ve also purchased lots of personal care products such as Q-Tips, Toilet Paper, Band-Aids, Leave-In Conditioner Spray, Toothpaste and Flossers to name a few. It is just SO convenient to order all of these things from the comfort of my home whenever I want and with Prime it gets delivered SO quickly! 

And last but not least I’ve bought the kids some stuff like Shrinky Dinks, a Scissor Activity book, The Jollly Postman book (which was a childhood favourite),and  a stamp set .  

Ok, so here’s a peak into some of the purchases I’ve made from Amazon. I would love to know what you’ve bought from Amazon.ca recently. 

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links as I am an Amazon Associate. This post is sponsored by Amazon.ca but all opinions and suggestions are always my own! 

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