Clairol Colour tips and consultation #pgmom

When I was in grade 8, I really wanted to dye my hair. My mom made me use Henna and I chose a reddish colour. Then as I got older I  experimented with a few other looks. I dyed my hair very dark and then there was a few times (why would anyone let me […]

Mama’s got her bed back!

Princess Peach has been a pretty great sleeper since she was born. I’ve shared this before but when I was pregnant I said that I would never and could never co-sleep with my baby or child. I was adamant. Well, once she arrived and I was desperate for sleep I made a few accommodations. For […]

The new Kid(ville) in town

Fall (crazy, eh?) is around the corner. With that means fall activity programming. Last year with putting Princess Peach in daycare we had minimal programming to do as her days were planned by the daycare. It was a change from her first year of life, as I literally had her programmed daily from the time […]

Smart Ones- review

Growing up I always had fresh packed lunches. Usually it consisted of a sandwich (cheese, mustard and lettuce is what I ate almost everyday in high school), fruits and veggies and a granola bar. Dinners were also healthy and homemade by my mom. Living at home ensured that I was eating yummy, delicious and healthy […]

Wordless Wednesday- Sibling tummy time

A birthing experience redefined

On July 17 at 12:11 pm, baby boy arrived into our world. How he got here was the complete opposite of Princess Peach’s entry into this world. My birthing experience with him was such a pleasure. When I found out I was pregnant I was so into having a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) delivery. […]

Wordless Wednesday- Maternity Pics

I had maternity pictures taken when I was 34 weeks preggo. Here are my favourite 3! It’s crazy that I’m no longer pregnant and that Little Dude has been here for 3 weeks already!  

Life with 2

Little Dude has been here for 19 days. So far, so good. Often it feels as though he has always been apart of our family and other days it’s hard to believe that he arrived so recently. Life with 2 kids is: -busy -tiring -fun?? (fun-ish so far) Life with 2 kids means: -there is […]