Nut-free Maple Cinnamon Granola

I’ve had a nut allergy my whole life. I grew out of my peanut allergy at 26 but I’m still allergic to all other nuts. I’m also allergic to fish and seeds which can make eating certain foods difficult. Granola is one of those foods. Pre-packaged granola often has seeds and nuts in it for […]

My perfectly imperfect body

When I was 4 years old my left arm went through the glass part of the screen door at my house. It was locked, and like most little kids, I was excited to see my dad come home from work and went running. But the screen was locked and instead of opening the door, my […]

99 things I want to teach my kids about life

I started writing this post when I got diagnosed with cancer last year. I was so worried about not being around to teach my kids all the things I want to teach them about life.  Some are silly, some are stupid and some may just sound like common sense. I kept imagining talking to my […]

The downside of toilet training in the winter (and a giveaway)

It was upon pick-up one day in early December when Little Dude’s daycare teacher pulled out a calendar and said “On January 11 we are starting to toilet train”. I didn’t exactly think he was ready, but hoping through the power of peer-pressure with his friends training at daycare also, I was hoping it would […]

That time I tried to be one of those Pinterest moms

I love Pinterest. I love perusing people’s boards to see what they find inspiring. Usually I will Pin some easy recipes that I find interesting but very rarely if ever, attempt to do any of the DIY stuff.  Sometimes I wish I was one of those moms that could look at a few random items […]

9 favourite quotes

Every Friday for the last month, I spend 1.5 hours in a mindfulness meditation class. I had heard so many fabulous things about it beforehand and took so time in researching the right class. Personally, I haven’t really meditated before. Sure, I’ve done some yoga classes where you lie on your back for the last […]

What if his firsts are my lasts?

Five years ago today, I excitedly posted to Facebook that I was expecting a baby. I was thrilled. I couldn’t wait to see who this little person was who was growing inside me. I had hoped for a girl but just wanted a happy baby at the end of the day. I got my wish […]