Pampers Giveaway!!! #babyshower

I am a HUGE Pampers fan so I am so excited to be a part of this amazing giveaway!!! The prize is a $100 Pampers prize pack with diapers and wipes. This giveaway is open to Canada only and runs until August 24, 2012 . Be sure to check out to see more of […]

Baby and the Dust Buster

When we moved into our new house in March one of the first items we purchased was a Dust Buster. Most homes with kids have them right? They are so easy to use, portable, hold a good amount of junk and if charged, are always read to go! No, I’m not getting paid by Black […]

Friendly Friday- Guest Blogger #1

For the next few Fridays I am going to be featuring guest bloggers or as I’m calling it “Friendly Friday”. You will be able to meet/read about some amazing moms (and hopefully a dad or two!) and see what they have to share! Please be sure to check out their blogs as well. We bloggers […]

Avent 3-in-1 sterilizer- Giveaway #babyshower

Here is another awesome group giveaway!!! Princess Peach has been solely bottle fed since she was 7 weeks old. This meant that our bottles needed to be sterilized after being used. The Avent 3-in-1 steam sterilizer is the answer to parents prayers!!! Not only is it fast, but it kills 99.9% of germs, fits up to six bottles and can […]

Baby Shower Event: Halo Crib Set #babyshower

I’m so excited to be a part of a group giveaway! Halo Crib Set’s are fantastic! It is perfect for any parent to make sure that your little one gets a good nights sleep. We used both the swaddle and wearable blanket for Princess Peach. Included in the crib set is a SleepSack wearable blanket, a […]

Wordless Wednesday

Princess Peach is phone obsessed!!! She has started to sleep with a dead portable phone, ’nuff said. 

One love

Princess Peach’s birthday is in under a month. I have stayed up late trying to figure out a theme, outfit and all that jazz. This party planning is STRESSFUL! So we have sent out our evites, chosen our venue, our entertainment. We still have to figure out Princess Peach’s outfit, cake(s), mine and The Hubster’s outfit, […]

My So-Called World

When I was little I use to dance on the grass at the front of my parents house. I use to think that a famous director would drive by and see me and want to make me “famous”. Yes, I thought this. I was young and innocent. When I was around 8 years of age […]

Here fishy, fishy…..

I love making fish faces. Not quite sure why. Maybe because I can make them easily and other people find it hard to do? This week Princess Peach has started saying “wooo wooo” when she sees a dog or when I ask her “What does a dog say?”. So maybe her dog sounds more like […]

A letter to another mother

*A mother on a Facebook group that I belong to posted yesterday that she lost her baby a week ago at 22 weeks gestation. This is my letter to her* Dear Mother Warrior, I don’t’ know you and we have never met but since I saw your post you have been on my mind all […]