Clickin’ it old school with Netflix #StreamTeam

The Facts of Life Netflix Canada

There are many things that remind me of my childhood; neon clothing and accessories, Tretorn running shoes, fanny packs and certain television shows. One of those tv shows that I watched as a kid was The Facts of Life. I remember loving Blair and always thinking that Tootie was so funny! I loved the Jo […]

Arnica’s got your back this Spring! #ChurchDwightAmbassador

Arnica Rub A535

 Spring is here and summer is around the corner which means that your family is getting back outside. One thing to keep in mind is that while your brain might remember how amazing it felt to be outside and jumping for joy – your muscle memory may not be quite as flexible; unlike your kids.  […]

5 tips for traveling with two young kids

Yesterday we made the LONG trek home from Vermont. Being the only driver I wanted to make it home in one day. And that we did! It took us exactly 10.5 hours but we made it back to Toronto with smiles on our faces. This is my first long trip with two kids. We did […]

Wordless Wednesday- Skipping Rocks

Spring clean your car – giveaway #HyundaiDriveSquad

Hyndai Spring Cleaning Car Giveaway

Slowly, very slowly the snow has melted away and even though it is May, spring should be making its official arrival soon! Spring brings fresh air, cleaning, opening windows and letting the sun in. Most people get the itch and spring clean their homes. They put away their winter clothes and bring out the lighter […]

Wordless Wednesday- Not a baby anymore

It`s the end of the afternoon as I know it

napping toddler

It’s the end of the afternoon as I know it and it’s NOT fine….. Nap time. It’s one of my favourite times of the day. Both kids are asleep giving me the opportunity to pee without someone climbing on me, eat food without shoving it into my mouth, drink an entire glass of water instead […]

Happy Mother’s Day!

  2 years, 8 months and 24 days ago I became a mother. That means I have held this amazing, overwhelming, exciting,  challenging and special title (and my kids) for: 86, 227, 200 seconds OR 1,437, 120 minutes OR 23,952 hours OR 998 days OR 142 weeks From the first time I held Princess Peach […]

2 year blogiversary!!!

  On May 8, 2012 at 4:03 pm I pushed publish and my first blog entry on My So-Called Mommy Life went live! I really wasn’t sure who was going to read my post or any subsequent posts that I wrote. I wanted to document my life with Princess Peach and share wonderful things with […]

5 chores your toddler can do

Princess Peach has been into “helping” me around the house these days. Instead of saying “no” and shooing her away I’ve enlisted her help. Obviously at 2.5 years old I can’t get her to cook me dinner (yet) although I’m sure if I asked her to she totally would. By having Princess Peach’s help it […]