5 uses for Ultra Dawn dish soap besides dishes #pgmom

You can find my big container of Ultra Dawn beside my sink beside my cleaning cloth and the paper towel. I use it to clean dishes, pots, pans, and the kitchen.Did you know that Ultra Dawn, the blue Dawn dish soap, has so many wonderful uses besides helping to clean dishes? It’s crazy actually how […]

Bran and date mini muffins #RicardoRecipes

Mornings during the week are rushed in our house. Although I always say I’m going to pack the kids backpacks the night before, I never do. So in the morning I’m gathering what everyone needs for school on that given day. Because of this my kids don’t get a June Cleaver breakfast during the week. […]


Two doctors have said these four words to me recently. Four quite simple words, but words that are extremely loaded. “Go live your life” Go live my life? What exactly does that mean? When every part of your being is thrust full-time into doctors appointments, and treatments being told when everything is done to “go […]

Donate money not a #NoHairSelfie

The last few days my Twitter feed and Facebook page have been abuzz with posts about #NoHairSelfie. What is that you may ask? February 4 is World Cancer Day and this #NoHairSelfie movement (if you can call it that) wants people to either shave off their hair so they are bald or take a picture […]

Breast cancer resources for young mothers

breast cancer resources for young mothers toronto gta

When a young mother receives a breast cancer diagnosis, her entire life changes in that very moment. Everything as she knows it will never, ever be the same. That mother will now have to add one more task to her daily to-do list; fighting cancer. There are so many resources out there and different organizations […]