Wordless Wednesday- Comfy Cozy


MommiesFirst box #review

I love mail. Since owning a house and becoming “an adult” I don’t love it as much because mail usually equals bills. My good friend Sophie is one of the few people who still sends me mail and I find it such a wonderful surprise and special treat when I receive it! Did you know […]

Wordless Wednesday- A morning at Ripley’s Aquarium

Ripley's Aqarium Canada @RipleysAquaCA

What to pack for the hospital and a prenatal pack giveaway #PGmom

Now that I have given birth to two kids, I consider myself somewhat of a pro in packing hospital bags. The first time when I was pregnant with Princess Peach I packed everything that was on my list from my prenatal class. I don’t’ think I used 10% of what I was told to pack! […]

Mabel’s Labels Holiday items

    From now until 12/31, Mabel’s Labels is offering their limited edition Stocking Stuffer Combos and Holiday Return Address Labels! The Stocking Stuffer Combos make the perfect stocking stuffer, party favour, and personalized add-on to other gifts. Best of all, you only pay $30 for 6 sets! The Holiday Return Address Labels are adorable […]

Wardrobe Scores

I obsess about my kids clothes. No lie. I worry about what they are going to wear, stress about pieces they are missing in their wardrobe and what new outfits we can make with clothes that they have. The Hubster even feels pressured when he dresses the kids (haha i love writing that) because he […]

Wordless Wednesday- Baby Smiles

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Toddler Crack

Yes, it’s true. There is such a thing as toddler crack. Have you heard of it before? Can you guess what it is? Before I even give you a clue, let’s see if you know what it is……… Ok here are 3 clues: 1) The sister is annoying  (that should give it away) 2) They […]

Sometimes you just have to laugh

We are now officially 6 weeks into our “newish” routine and things are getting better-ish. I use “ish” because there are some kinks everyday but that is to be expected at this point. Some days are better than others and some days I feel like I could cry….although I have yet to cry! So maybe […]

Wordless Wednesday – Pampers Stork delivery #PampersStork

walmart canada and pampers stork delivery