Mabel’s Labels Back to School Combo

Yes, I said back to school combo! Your eyes were seeing the title correctly! It’s never too early to begin planning for the next school year and as the saying goes “the early bird catches the worm!” Help the little scholars in your life stay organized with Mabel’s Labels. Identify clothes, footwear, books, backpacks and […]

Wordless Wednesday- Sprinkler Fun


School’s out forever!!!! Or at least a year :)

Today was the last day of students. Tomorrow will be my last day of work. I can’t believe how fast and slow the school year has gone. I remember thinking in September that December felt like eons away. Then in January I kept thinking I just need to make it to April. Once I got […]

My week with the Hyundai Elantra GT SE Tech- review #Hyundaidrive2013

I haven’t owned many cars in my lifetime, but the first ever car that was mine was a Hyundai Accent. I was done University and got my first job and needed a way to get to York Region from Toronto. I fell in love with my Accent. I leased it for a short 2 years […]

Wordless Wednesday- What an artist!

Sanus TV mount giveaway (US only)

  When Princess Peach started crawling we did a little baby proofing. We didn’t go baby proofing crazy but we covered all the outlets in our house and made sure wires and small objects were hidden and out of reach. We also hung up our flat screen television. Did you know that most parents are […]

Mabel’s Labels Allergy Alert Labels (promo code)

I have food allergies and I have had them since I was a little kid. I am allergic to all nuts, all seeds and all fish. I have grown out of my pickle allergy (I know, right?) and my peanut allergy. Growing out of those two allergies both at an older age were awesome! When […]

Music with Nancy- review and giveaway

When Princess Peach was a few months old, a friend invited me to a music class that she was hosting at her home with Nancy. To be honest, I had never heard of Nancy then but I eagerly signed up as I loved that Princess Peach would be exposed to music at such an early […]

Wordless Wednesday- Saturday morning pancakes


Princess Peach’s Pick- Her Monkey

Prior to Princess Peach’s arrival when I was reading a few books, blogs and articles many of them suggested to incorporate some sort of lovey into your child’s bedtime routine around 4 months of age or older. Introducing a lovey at some point into her life was inevitable. We got some beautiful blankets when Princess […]