Tiggly Shapes review and giveaway

My kids are very blessed that they have more toys than they could ever play with in a day. They also have a large variety of toys from natural wooden toys to battery-powered educational toys. Being that my husband and I consider ourselves quite techy, it’s no wonder they my kids are into technology as […]

Love Child Organics review and giveaway

Baby Eating Love Child Organics pouch

Having two kids is busy! Having two little kids is even busier! When I started solids with Little Dude around 5.5 months old I wanted to make as much food for him as I could. I love that I know what is going into his body without any artificial stuff. Just natural and good food.  […]

When parents stop trusting their gut and turn to Facebook groups

When I had Princess Peach 2.5 years ago, I joined a few Facebook groups about parenting. The intent of these groups was to create a community of parents in similar situations who can relate to each other. We are all going through it together so someone must understand, right? Sure, they all have some overriding […]

Barbie Express Your Style Contest (Canada)

Growing up Auntie Beige and I had a lot of Barbies. Like A LOT. I think when we packed them away many, many moons ago the total count of our combined Barbies was 77! See, that’s a LOT of Barbies. We loved our Barbies. We had the dream house, the convertible, the horse and the […]

Princess Peach, Passover Break and Netflix #StreamTeam

netflix family fest stream team

Unlike most kids, Princess Peach wasn’t on break two weeks ago. The Hubster was off as he’s a teacher but she had regular school. Being a student at a Jewish school means that you get Passover break instead of the typical March/Spring Break. On a side note, having a kid in school and a husband […]

Disney’s Frozen Blu-Ray Combo Pack on Sale NOW!

Disney’s Frozen will forever have a special place in my heart as it’s the first movie that Princess Peach saw in the movie theatre. My friend Laura and I took her together and we had a great time! At not even 2.5 Princess Peach sat and watched the whole movie. She may have eaten popcorn, […]

10 motivational quotes for parents

Monday, Monday. I’m sure most parents of school-aged children will be clapping, cheering, doing a happy dance when your child returns to the classroom today at 9am! But if you are like me, with two littles at home you may need a Monday morning pick-me-up. Sometimes that ginormous mug of coffee just doesn’t cut it […]

Whistle Kids Giveaway

A few weeks ago I posted a message in a forum asking where to get a baby bow tie for Little Dude.  Most responses told me to check out the usual kids stores at the mall. Then someone posted to check out Whistle Kids. So being the curious consumer that I am I found out […]

Banana Sour Cream Muffins

I guess I’ve taken up baking as a hobby-ish. I wouldn’t consider in a full-time hobby because me and baking are just becoming friends. When I was little my Nana (grandmother) always baked. Whenever we saw her she always had some sort of goody ready for us to eat.  I have great memories of baking […]

Bathroom Buddies Giveaway #pgmom

Princess Peach is 2.5 and still wears a diaper. Just like with getting rid of her bottle we have talked about how the diaper fairies are coming soon. They will leave her special nap and bedtime diapers only for big girls and they will leave her a present to pee in the toilet. We have […]