30-day Photo Challenge Completed! #PGmom

Today the P&G mom 30-day photo challenge ended. Here is my recap from the past 10 and final days! It was an amazing challenge and I’m so happy I took part in it! Everyday I loved thinking of how to incorporate the word into a picture and really enjoyed following along my fellow P&G mom […]

Wordless Wednesday- Big little girl

  How is Princess Peach only 21 months old?? When I look at this picture from the other night she looks like such a big kid!    

The ban on the eternal 4 year-old bald cartoon character

  Until Princess Peach was around a year old The Hubster and I didn’t want her exposed to screens. This included TV, iPad, computers etc. We spent the first year of her life playing, singing, listening to music, reading books and just interacting with one another all the time! Then she became mobile and diaper […]

Iams So Good! Doggie Jam and Giveaway and Video #PGmom

One thing I have associated with summertime for the past 13 years is concerts. Ever since I went away to University, my summers were always marked with a few fabulous concerts. Well, the P&G Care team is launching their first ever Doggie Jam this summer! To celebrate, Iams is throwing Canada‚Äôs first ever concert for […]

Wordless Wednesday- May Long Weekend

Corn and Feta Salad

There is nothing better to me than fresh summer corn. After boiling it it’s always so crisp, sweet and juicy. I really can’t get enough. Truth be told, I could eat 3 cobs of corn in one sitting. That’s how much I love it! The Hubster also loves corn and so far Princess Peach seems […]

Photo Challenge Check in #2 #PGmom

So the P&Gmom 30-day Photo Challenge is 2/3’s of the way finished! I really can’t believe it. When I got to day 15 I felt a huge sense of relief and accomplishment. I might not have completed all 30 days yet, but thinking about the word and what picture I will choose to capture the […]

Deciphering Toddler Speak

Princess Peach is talking up a storm these days. It’s been incredible over the last few months to watch her start to string 2 and 3 words together. The funniest thing is to decipher what exactly she is saying.  There are often times when she will have a whole conversation with me in gibberish and […]

Spring Clean Giveaway with Gain Scented Products- #PGmom

I don’t know if it is because I’m nearing the end of my pregnancy or I’m just so happy it’s spring but I am in spring cleaning mode! Although we had a taste of summer in Toronto already, and now it’s back to chilly spring I’m hoping that our weather will soon stabilize and the […]

Wordless Wednesday- A family picture

                                            It’s so hard these days to get a good family picture of the three (almost four) of us! This one was taken at my nephews bris 3 weeks ago and I just love […]