Friendly Friday #6- Organizing Baby Clothes

Friendly Friday continues with an awesome post from Sarah Lynn from YYZ Bambina. I absolutely love reading her blog and was so happy that she was able to contribute to my Friendly Friday series. Enjoy and happy last long weekend of summer 🙂 Organizing Your Baby’s Clothes By Sarah Lynn of YYZ Bambina Blog Babies […]

Handcrafted Rattles Giveaway #babygifts

Here’s another awesome giveaway coming your way! What baby doesn’t love a rattle and ones that are machine washable?! This is your opportunity (Open to US only…sorry to my other followers) to win a set of handcrafted pretend play rattles from Dandelion, Earth-Friendly Goods (ARV $29.99) For more information about Dandelion be sure to check […]

The day the water broke

So lots of my blogging friends write about their birth stories in one post. I, on the other hand have decided to write about it in multiple posts. Why? Well there are a few reasons. The first is that if I wrote about it in one whole post that post would be gigantic. So instead […]

Wordless Wednesday- Rally Baby

While I was at work The Hubster and Princess Peach attended a rally in support of teachers being able to bargain their contracts in Ontario. Not going to get all political here but it’s a little crazy what is going on – lots of misinformation is being put out into the media and loads of people do not […]

400 days of lessons

So I’ve officially been on maternity leave for just over 400 days…it’ll be 403 days when I return to work today. It’s sad. I’m sad. My husband is sad. Princess Peach? She’s not sad! She was sad to come home with me when we went for her daycare classroom visit last week! I was sad […]

Friendly Friday #5 – Traveling with Baby

Laura is one of the blogger moms that I have “met” since I started blogging! I’m not sure if I followed her on twitter and then found her blog or vice versa. Either way, it’s been really nice getting to know her! I hope that you will love this post because packing for a baby […]

KidCo Go-Pod Giveaway #babygifts

What is portable, weights only 7 pounds and keeps baby safe? The KidCo Go-Pod! This pod keeps baby contained (from 4 months until 26 pounds or walking) while letting them stand, it has a spot for a drink and a snackholder as well as multiple toy loops to attach baby’s favourite toys to keep him/her […]

Show your stripes

Fall clothes are now adorning stores. Summer clothes are being pushed onto clearance racks to allow the new fall fashions. As of Aug 1, stores are now even carrying Halloween items. HELLO people, Halloween is MONTHS away! Oh well. I took my favourite shopping partner in crime with me to the mall the other day and […]

Wordless Wednesday

Our friend was so kind and came to Princess Peach’s birthday party to take pictures. She’s amazingly talented and I was so happy that Princess Peach’s party was able to be documented! After the cake we snuck out for a few minutes into the courtyard of the condo building where the party was held to take a […]

Hey, I just met you….And this is crazy….

Princess Peach was having a crabby afternoon. These days are few and far between for us. Well, maybe they are really never for us. So we had an early dinner. I figured she was hungry when she starting leaping out of my arms for the tomato. By the way, I know if you eat too […]