Wordless Wednesday

I need a vacay

Sorry for being so M.I.A. These past two weeks have been very tiring and draining. Princess Peach had an ear infection last week and we started this week with Roseola. Luckily, besides a fading rash she seems to be on the mend! Problem is when a child is in daycare and is sick…….us parents have […]

Mabel’s Labels Cyber Monday!

I absolutely love Mabel’s Labels! Since Princess Peach was a few months old we have used their labels on pretty much anything that can be labelled; clothes, toys, books, sippy cups, snack traps, bottles and bags! You can never have too many in my opinion! Beginning Monday, November 26th through Tuesday, November 27th at 5:00pm, […]

Wordless Wednesday

Princess Peach has a new-found love of colouring. She could keep herself busy doing it all day!                                                            

Natrel Baboo play date

I was given the opportunity by Mom Central Canada to host a Natrel Baboo play date with friends. Who doesn’t love a reason for a fun get together especially when a package arrives at your house with everything that you need?! The package which had a “circle time” theme included 24 x  250 ml tetra […]


I love taking pictures of Princess Peach. Between my Iphone and my snazzy hybrid camera I am almost guaranteed to capture something she is doing when I see fit. I take a lot of pictures. A lot. I will also take pictures of anything having to do with Princess Peach. I take pictures of her playing […]

Wordless Wednesday

Identity Theft

My identity hasn’t been “stolen” but it has definitely been misplaced.  Misplaced. Maybe pushed to the side and forgotten about as being MOM has become my entire identity. 100%. Over the summer when I was still on mat leave I had many awkward conversations when I met new people. And as conversation go when you meet […]

It gets better

We are now officially just over 2 months into our “new” routine. I really miss being at home and spending all day with Princess Peach, but that could alone could fill pages, and pages of my blog.  Back to our “new” routine. The first two weeks of our transition were horrible. I’m not gonna lie. Princess Peach would freak out when […]

Happy Six Months!

Six months ago today I started my blog. It some ways it feels like I’ve written this blog forever and in so many ways I’m so new and green to this. I’m still learning so much everyday about blogging. When I started blogging, I figured that I would write a few posts, people would follow me […]