Mommy and me matching

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When I found out I was pregnant the first time, I kept saying “I need a girl, I need a girl”. I repeated this for weeks from the time I found out I was pregnant until the day at 18 weeks when I found out what I was having. When the ultrasound tech said it […]

Giant savings on fashionable clothes at Giant Tiger

Giant Tiger romper Lily Morgan

Before I had kids, I spent a lot of money on clothes. I was constantly shopping on weekends and in my spare time. I would spend hundreds of dollars on jeans, nice tops and shoes. Once I had kids, I became obsessed with their wardrobes and less about mine. Sure, I still liked to look […]

Wardrobe Scores

I obsess about my kids clothes. No lie. I worry about what they are going to wear, stress about pieces they are missing in their wardrobe and what new outfits we can make with clothes that they have. The Hubster even feels pressured when he dresses the kids (haha i love writing that) because he […]