Wordless Wednesday – Sesame Street Presents the body at the Ontario Science Centre

Yesterday Princess Peach, Little Dude and I headed to the Ontario Science Centre to check out the new exhibit Sesame Street presents the body: an interactive exhibit all about you. We had an amazing morning! Although Little Dude slept the entire time, Princess Peach kept busy the entire morning. So much so that when it […]

I won’t be a short order cook

When I was growing up, my mom made 3 dinners every night. One for her and my dad, one for my sister and one for me. Seems crazy eh? Well, let me explain. My sister, Auntie Beige was is a crazy picky eater. If it was beige she would most likely eat it. So my […]

Happy 6 months Little Dude

My dearest Little Dude, Six months ago today we welcomed you into our lives, family and the world. We were so beyond thrilled to meet you. The last six months have gone by so quickly. You have made me and your dad parents to two kids and made Princess Peach a big sister. You bring […]

Wordless Wednesday- Best Buds

This week, Princess Peach and Little Dude have yet again been inseparable. They want to do EVERYTHING together! It’s really amazing to watch their friendship grow and how much love they have for one another!

Potty Training Prep

Now that Princess Peach’s bottles are gone thanks to the amazing Bottle Fairies, we have been talking a lot about the Diaper Fairies. You know these little ladies who come at night, collect all the diapers, and give them away to babies who need them? I guess in our house they will be replacing diapers […]

Childhood memories with Flintstones Vitamins #giveaway

Flintstones Gummies Immunity Support Canada

My sister, Auntie Beige, was the pickiest of picky eaters as a child hence her nickname Auntie Beige. She would only eat beige foods which meant no fruits, veggies and one type of (fast food) meat. From as early as I can remember FLINTSTONES™ vitamins were a staple in our household. My mom gave them […]

Wordless Wednesday- Lucky mom

Princess Peach and Little Dude love each other so much that I want to cry every time they show that love to one another. They have started snuggling on the couch and it melts my heart and I have to take a picture of it every time! I just know that they will be the […]

New Year, No bottle

We have been leading up to this day for a while. Princess Peach, although she thinks she can run with the big kids, loves her bottle. Her teacher Petra was amazing last year at eliminating her bottle at school. We were good too. She only had 2 bottles a day (one in the morning and […]

A Rockin’ Time at Kidville

Kidville Toronto Yonge Lawrence Village

A few months ago I shared that Princess Peach and I would be spending 45 minutes for 16 Thursdays at Kidville taking the Rockin’ Railroad music class. I was so excited about this wonderful opportunity. Kidville opened for business in Toronto this past September 2013 and I couldn’t wait to see what it was all […]

Happy 2014!

I can’t believe that 2013 is over. kaput. done. What an amazingly special year it was for me! Obviously the highlight was the birth of Little Dude in July and our family becoming 4. He is such a special little boy and I love being his mom. It was also a great year for my […]