Don’t feel bad mama! 7 things you need to stop feeling guilty about right now! #EndMomGuilt


Mom guilt. We all have it and it seems to start the second our babies are born. You know what it feels like. Second, third, and fourth guessing every decision you make as a parent. Don’t forget the self-doubt and the never-ending the guilt. It’s time-consuming and emotional. Do I buy the bottles that are […]

You can make a difference! Donate or Participate in the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation CIBC Run for the Cure

CIBC Run for the Cure My So-Called Mommy Life

Eleven years ago, after completing University, I decided to participate in a walk for Breast Cancer. I was 24-years old, I had just started dating my now husband, and no one in my immediate family had been touched by cancer.  I solicited my friends and family who were extremely generous and helped me reach my […]

It’s hip to be cube with My Mini MixieQ’s

My Mini MixieQ's review

Sometimes when I look at Princess Peach, I see glimpses of myself as a child in her. For example, she can be quite stubborn at times, as was I. She loves performing and thinks she is the best and as a kid, I thought the same thing of myself. There were times that I thought […]

Schick Intuition Razor Rate and Review

Shick Intuition Rate and Review

When you are a parent, everyone always talks about not being able to pee alone.  Since becoming a mom five years ago, if my kids are home, someone is always in the bathroom with me. I don’t understand why everyone always talks about peeing in peace and not showering in peace! As babies my kids would […]

Why I show my kids my mastectomy scars

Dear Princess Peach and Little Dude, Today marks 1.5 years since my breast cancer diagnosis. It’s crazy to think how young you were when I was diagnosed- only 1.5 years old and 3.5 years old. Babies. You both were just babies. A lot has changed in 1.5 years. I have changed a lot in 1.5 […]

A summer to remember

I had high hopes for summer 2016. Really high hopes. After not being able to enjoy last summer because I was finishing chemo and had my double mastectomy, my goal this summer was to make it amazing! And amazing it was! We swam in the lake, we laughed, we ate ice cream daily, we spent so […]

Using the National Music Teacher Directory to find a music teacher

My So-Called Mommy Life Royal Convservatory of Music

Last year my family was gifted a piano. I was really excited to receive it as it was my aunt’s when she was a child in Montreal. As soon as it arrived, we found the perfect spot for it in our living room. Set up against a wall all to itself, I started to imagine […]