First time at the cottage and #PampersFirsts giveaway

When I met The Hubster just over 10 years ago (wow!), we joke that he wooed me over with his family’s cottage. The cottage is part of a cottage community and it’s very unique as they run their own summer camp. As the cottage is not too far from Toronto when we met we pretty […]

Wordless Wednesday- 93 years, 3 years and 1 year

Most Sundays, my kids and I along with my parents and occasionally The Hubster and Auntie Beige go to visit my grandparents. I’ve said this many, many times before that my kids are SO incredibly lucky to have 3 living great-grandparents in their lives. We surprised my Nana on Sunday and had some snacks with […]

6 car seat questions answered

Since having kids, I have become somewhat of a nervous driver. I’m not nervous about my driving. I’m actually quite the opposite and am very confident in my driving skills. It’s that I’m nervous about other drivers on the road. Maybe they aren’t the most skilled and confident driver or maybe they are a newer […]

Tips for a great 2015!

Gummy Vites

Start the new year with a bang and make it pivotal for positive changes beyond the typical 30-day count! Here’s how: Spread the word: Share your resolutions with your friends and family! Not only will you gain support from loved ones, but it also encourages you to keep yourself accountable. Set Yourself up for success: […]

Celebrating baby with a #WalmartBaby Shower

#WalmartBaby Shower event Square One mall

Little or big items needed for your baby-to-be? With Walmart’s newly launched baby registry you are sure to find what you need! To celebrate they are hosting a Baby Shower! Come join in the fun on Saturday January 17 from 11:15am-2pm at Walmart’s Mississauga-Square One Walmart Supercentre- Upper Level. This is the perfect time for […]

His and Her Beauty Grooming Essentials #giveaway #pgmom

Since my family was all ill over the holidays for over 2 weeks we were sadly unable to attend any holiday parties and get-togethers. This month The Hubster and I plan on making up for those lost opportunities with some nights out. Since having Princess Peach and Little Dude we don’t go out nearly as […]

My little bully

My So-Called Mommy Life

About 2 months ago Little Dude bit me. Then he bit The Hubster. Then he pulled Princess Peach’s hair.  Houston we have a problem! My little sweet boy has turned into a bully.  At first it was just at home and usually out of frustration. He doesn’t have very many words so communicating with us […]