3 year olds need warning labels

Toddler Warning My So-Called Mommy Life

Three year-olds should come with a variety of warning labels: May combust at any time. No warning needed. Speak to her at your own risk. She’s screaming at you, can’t you understand her? We are 2 months and 5 days into Princess Peach being three. Oh my goodness. Why didn’t anyone tell me that the […]

Just pee in the toilet! A glimpse into toilet training a toddler

Toilet Training a Toddler

  “Do you have to pee?” That has been me for the past 3 days. “Are you sure you don’t have to pee?” “Really? It’s been a while” “Why don’t we try to sit for a few minutes?” Think of bribe. “I have a surprise for you if you sit for a few minutes!” “Are […]

Mother Hen Nutrition Party #iammotherhen

Mother Hen Nutrition Party

  Last week, Little Dude and I welcomed some of our friends (big and little) into our home for a Mother Hen Nutrition Party. Mother Hen, is a family owned Canadian company that makes organic and natural frozen foods. They have a variety of fruits, vegetables and meat purees for babies 6 months and up. […]

A test of patience

The last 7.5 weeks have been trying to say the least. Little Dude is going through a rough patch that we just can’t seem to shake. The current state of affairs is that he needs to literally be attached to me ALL day. If he’s not in my arms he’s screaming hysterically. And he DOES.NOT.STOP! […]

I’m not just a mom…….

I am a….. Storyteller creating and reading stories to my kids Artist to help my kids create wonderful works of art Nutritionist ensuring my family eats well-balanced meals Chef cooking those fabulous meals Teacher constantly teaching my kids new things Performer keeping my kids entertained all the time! Cleaning Lady cleaning up all the messes around […]

When parents stop trusting their gut and turn to Facebook groups

When I had Princess Peach 2.5 years ago, I joined a few Facebook groups about parenting. The intent of these groups was to create a community of parents in similar situations who can relate to each other. We are all going through it together so someone must understand, right? Sure, they all have some overriding […]

10 motivational quotes for parents

Monday, Monday. I’m sure most parents of school-aged children will be clapping, cheering, doing a happy dance when your child returns to the classroom today at 9am! But if you are like me, with two littles at home you may need a Monday morning pick-me-up. Sometimes that ginormous mug of coffee just doesn’t cut it […]

Confessions from a (reformed) shopaholic #SavingMadeSimple #PGmom

I’ll admit it. I’m a shopaholic. Well,  I use to be a shopaholic. So now I consider myself a reformed shopaholic. I’m so much better now since I’ve had kids. Pre-kids I frequented New York City to shop, eat and see theatre. I could spend hours, upon hours shopping, and spending money.  It was like […]

Sibling rivalry doesn’t live here

There was one night before Little Dude was born that I got all emotional and asked The Hubster if I was ruining Princess Peach’s life by having another baby so close to her in age. I know that I was just hormonal, tired and hot from the heat but what I was really worried about […]

I won’t be a short order cook

When I was growing up, my mom made 3 dinners every night. One for her and my dad, one for my sister and one for me. Seems crazy eh? Well, let me explain. My sister, Auntie Beige was is a crazy picky eater. If it was beige she would most likely eat it. So my […]