Disney’s Frozen Blu-Ray Combo Pack on Sale NOW!

Disney’s Frozen will forever have a special place in my heart as it’s the first movie that Princess Peach saw in the movie theatre. My friend Laura and I took her together and we had a great time! At not even 2.5 Princess Peach sat and watched the whole movie. She may have eaten popcorn, blueberries and some other treats but that doesn’t really count, does it?  Since then we have regular Frozen sing-a-longs, braid our hair to the side like Elsa, sing about summer, and have dance parties to the entire soundtrack! She has even performed “Let It Go” for her class at school because she has memorized all of Elsa moves.


It doesn’t matter the age of the viewer but it is sure to be loved by anyone who watches it. Princess Peach often switches between Olaf, Anna and Elsa as her favourite characters! I love Elsa, but it could also be because I love Idina Menzel (or according to John Travolta, Adele Dezeem) who is Elsa’s voice.

The only thing that really frustrated me about this combo pack (Blu-Ray, DVD and Digital Download) is that when I wanted to watch the regular DVD as we don’t have a Blu-Ray player the bonus features were limited. I was really bummed about that but I just “let it go”. They are only available on the digital download and the Blu-Ray copy. Once I found them on my digital downloaded copy I was pretty underwhelmed by the features. I was excited to see the making of Frozen and it was just Kristen Bell and some people singing and dancing.

“For the first time in forever” I own a Disney movie and I’m so happy it’s Frozen.  It is a must have movie for your families DVD collection!

 Disclosure: I received the DVD for review from Disney. As always the thoughts and opinions are my own! 


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