Princess Peach, Passover Break and Netflix #StreamTeam

Unlike most kids, Princess Peach wasn’t on break two weeks ago. The Hubster was off as he’s a teacher but she had regular school. Being a student at a Jewish school means that you get Passover break instead of the typical March/Spring Break. On a side note, having a kid in school and a husband at home meant that we binged watched The Killing on Netflix! It you like crime series you will love this one! It’s so good.

Passover break starts in a few weeks. I will have both kids home alone with me for 8 days. One thing I plan on tackling during that break is toilet training Princess Peach. That means we will be spending lots of time at home keeping busy and close to the toilet! One way I plan on keeping busy is with Netflix’s Family Film Fest titles with her.

netflix family fest stream team

  1. Turbo
  2. Princess Lillifee and the Little Unicorn
  3. My Friend Bernard
  4. Moonbeam Bear and His Friends
  5. Happy Feet Two
  6. The Voyages of Young Dr. Doolittle
  7. Thomas & Friends: Creaky Cranky
  8. Dora The Explorer: Star Catcher

Princess Peach loves Dora so I’m sure that she will absolutely be thrilled to watch Dora The Explorer: Star Catcher. We often watch lots of Dora episodes daily. I have to admit that I love Dora too so I’m looking forward to watching it with her! Being all Princess happy these days I’m sure we will watch Princess Lillifee and the Little Unicorn.

Princess Peach and I have also found that we enjoy baking together! She loves helping out in the kitchen and is always so proud to eat what she makes. Usually we make some sort of muffin and bread. Thanks to Netflix andSweet Potato Chronicles we will be making this yummy Strawberry Banana Bread to snack on while we watch our movies and wait for her to pee in the toilet.

Do you have Netflix? If so, what are you watching?

Disclosure: I am a member of the Netflix Canada #StreamTeam and receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. Any opinions expressed in this post are my own.
Disclosure: I am a member of the Netflix Canada #StreamTeam and receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. Any opinions expressed in this post are my own. – See more at:

1 cup mashed, ripe bananas (about 2 large bananas)
½ cup Greek yogurt
¼ cup veg­etable oil
½ cup brown sugar
1 egg
1 tsp vanilla
1 cup all pur­pose flour
½ cup whole wheat flour
1 tsp bak­ing soda
1 tsp bak­ing pow­der
¼ tsp salt
1 tsp cin­na­mon
½ cup chopped straw­ber­ries, plus a few for the top



Pre­heat the oven to 350 degrees.

Lightly grease a loaf pan.

In a large bowl, mix your mashed bananas, yogurt, oil, sugar, eggs and vanilla.

In another bowl, whisk flours, bak­ing soda, flours, bak­ing soda, bak­ing pow­der, salt and cin­na­mon. Add the dry to the wet and mix until they’re just com­bined. Don’t over mix or you’ll end up with tough bread.

Next, stir in the straw­ber­ries until they’re mixed evenly through­out the bat­ter. Pour the bat­ter into the loaf pan, using a spat­ula to scrape all the last bits out of the bowl. Trim and slice a few straw­ber­ries and place them across the top of your batter.

Bake for 45 to 55 min­utes until the top of your bread is golden brown and a tooth­pick inserted comes out clean. Allow the loaf to cool for a few min­utes before turn­ing it out onto a rack to cool completely.

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  1. Lady Lilith says:

    My girls right now are into frozen. I had to buy it because it is not available to stream.

  2. angela m says:

    We have Netflix and right now I am watching Supernatural. Last week my girls and I watched Hop.

    • mscmommylife says:

      Are you binge watching Supernatural? That’s what I love about Netflix. I don’t have to wait a week for a new episode!

  3. Laura says:

    Hubby and I are rewatching Lost! I love The Killing too. Think I’ll do Scandal next.

    • mscmommylife says:

      Scandal is on my list of shows to watch. I’ve heard amazing things about it! I’ve never seen any Lost episodes. I think with the missing plane it would freak me out a bit!

  4. Josh S says:

    Netflix is great! We really enjoy it.

  5. Victoria Ess says:

    I don’t have it but I used to love watching orange is the new black.

  6. kristen visser says:

    i dont have netflix 🙁 i have been bugging my husband to get it though!

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