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Princess Peach is 2.5 and still wears a diaper. Just like with getting rid of her bottle we have talked about how the diaper fairies are coming soon. They will leave her special nap and bedtime diapers only for big girls and they will leave her a present to pee in the toilet. We have had one success in the toilet a few weeks ago. Somehow she thinks that ONE time peeing in the toilet is the be all and end all of toilet training. Arg. Her teacher at school is on board also but Princess Peach tells her she’s not ready. In a few weeks the diapers will be disappearing! Wish me luck!!!

Together with Today’s Parent, P&G has created a handy chart to celebrate your child’s bathroom routine successes and get them excited. Simply post it in your bathroom and use a dry-erase marker so you can use the chart over and over each week. This helpful tool also comes with great tips and tricks to make the bathroom experience even easier.

Bathroom Buddies - Chart

Here are some to help with your current routine:

  1. Get kids in the habit of good brushing – let them brush on their own first, then review to make sure no areas are missed! Find the right toothbrush for your little ones’ brushing stage. Oral-B Stages are made for their stage and make brushing fun with their favourite Bathroom Buddies characters by their side. For kids three and up, try Oral-B Pro-Health Stages Disney My Friends Tigger and Pooh Power Toothbrush or Oral-B Pro-Health Stages Disney Pixar Monsters Inc. Power Toothbrush.
  2. Make sure your little ones know that an essential part of the bathroom routine is cleaning up when you’re done. Teaching them the right way to wipe is especially important for girls. For their precious skin, find a soft bath tissue, like Charmin Ultra Soft, and teach them how much to use.
  3. Setting a routine for potty training is an important step for success. Visit the bathroom together after all meals and liquids, and before and after sleeps and going out.  When your little one is ready, they can start the potty training journey with friends Dora and Diego on their Pampers Easy Ups, designed for all day training.

Bathroom Buddies

Are you a tech savvy parent? With help from Charmin, Pampers and Oral-B, Canada’s favourite parenting magazine, has developed a new tool – Today’s Parent Milestone App – helping parents track their little one’s progress on a smart phone or tablet*!  In the app, an interactive “bathroom buddy” helps children learn their bathroom routines through fun games on potty training and brushing their teeth.

Find out more about the app here 

Win It!!! One lucky Canadian reader will win a Bathroom Buddies prize pack (arv $87). The prize pack contains:


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  1. Anne Taylor says:

    Positive, positive, positive! We sang songs, we clapped, we would sing happy songs! Its disciplined but lots of fun!

  2. Darlene Schuller says:

    I put them on it 1st thing in the morning to eat breakfast. Then every 90 mins after until afternoon. Then about every 40 mins. Waving “bye bye” as we flushed was a huge hit lol

  3. hmrcarlson says:

    We are just starting with toilet training. We have been using the potty dance and stickers as rewards.

  4. Amie Gaudet says:

    For reinforcement we use good, old-fashioned praise. We also constantly read her the book: Once Upon A Potty.

  5. Jeannie says:

    We used stickers and lots of positive feedback as reinforcement with our oldest. We will start potty training our youngest some time this month!

  6. oh man our list is soooo long right now. She will get a kinder egg, a brown balloon, elmo to come and dance and one apple candy! ,. nothing yet though

  7. Sarah says:

    We’ve tried everything except a chart. Great tips!

  8. Erin W says:

    I just try to be really constant.

  9. kathy downey says:


  10. Julie Bolduc says:

    We use a sticker chart that is working good right now

  11. Erika E says:

    Positive reinforcement with rewards at our house.

  12. Fan R says:

    I encouraged my kid to take control and be a big boy.

  13. Sarah Stickney says:

    we haven’t started potty training yet, but soon.

  14. angela m says:

    I used praise and positive reinforcement.

  15. Bree says:

    Praise and sticker chart to earn rewards!

  16. Bev says:

    We have a sticker chart with gold stars for successes!

  17. Little game playing and make it fun!

  18. Lori Jackson says:

    My son is a huge Cars fan so I got him underwear with Lightning Mcqueen and Mater plus stickers and used a reward system…always reminding him not to get his mater underwear dirty.

  19. Kristi Renout says:

    Stickers! Lots of stickers!

  20. cheryl says:

    lots of encouragement

  21. lisa bolduc says:

    we did a sticker chart

  22. Erin Ellis says:

    We are using Elmo’s potty sticker chart. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.
    fairyfractal at gmail dot com

  23. Jonnie says:

    We gave applause and praise

  24. angie says:

    We made a huge deal everytime she went on the potty. It was a celebration with high fives and hugs and dancing. You’d think we won the lottery each time! ha ha We also used rewards – stickers and smarties. After a few days she didn’t care about the rewards.

  25. Sunshine G says:

    We’re using Smarties and stickers!

  26. elaine bolduc says:

    we would sing a song, we did the pee pee dance lol. and usually story time

  27. nicolthepickle says:

    Lots of encouragement and M&M’s.

  28. ivy pluchinsky says:

    we tried everything and nothing would work. We finally gave up figured when she was ready it would happen.

  29. My son responds to salt & vinegar chips lol

  30. Josh S says:

    lots of praise and encouragement. (a sweet treat helps too)

  31. Lucy says:

    patience and lots of encouragement

  32. Lots of praise, excitement and the occasional candy 🙂

  33. sara rai says:


  34. Courtney says:

    We used positive praise, clapped and gave smarties!

  35. Angela Mitchell says:

    For ne nothing worked until I backed off:) I tried to make it fun with the cute potty and potty books, etc.

  36. lori b says:

    lots of positive feed back and encouragement

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