Natrel Baboo play date

I was given the opportunity by Mom Central Canada to host a Natrel Baboo play date with friends. Who doesn’t love a reason for a fun get together especially when a package arrives at your house with everything that you need?! The package which had a “circle time” theme included 24 x  250 ml tetra […]

Princess Peach’s Pick- My First Crayola

Princess Peach has been quite artsy these days. I’m sure a lot can be attributed to all the arts and crafts that she has been doing at daycare  She is all over colouring, paper, and stickers. I like it. Actually, I LOVE it! By watching her explore and find her creative side, I am reliving a little part of being a kid. […]

Colour your world

We’ve all been there. You are colouring a picture and you hear a crack. Your amazing coloured burnt sienna crayon has broken in half. So you pick outrageous orange from the box and continue colouring in the picture. But what do you do with that poor broken crayon that is sitting on the table? Well, I […]