I love taking pictures of Princess Peach. Between my Iphone and my snazzy hybrid camera I am almost guaranteed to capture something she is doing when I see fit. I take a lot of pictures. A lot. I will also take pictures of anything having to do with Princess Peach. I take pictures of her playing in the park, sitting in the stroller, sleeping in her crib or our bed, eating, dancing. You get the “picture”.  I’ve even taken pictures of her “poo face”. I’m sure lots of people think it’s weird but I think her faces are the cutest thing ever so I take pictures and LOTS of them!

A few weeks ago The Hubster, Princess Peach and I were having dinner. I pulled out my camera to take pictures of her eating when The Hubster exclaimed “Put the camera away. You are a mamarazzi!”.

I bursted into laughter. First of all, what a great name! Never heard of it but I will gladly take it. I’m not shameful of taking so many pictures of her. She’s my first child and I want to document everything she does. So mamarazzi I am 🙂

I am the first child in my family so there are lots of pictures of me. There are pictures at every age and stage and some pictures (or years) that I would rather not have picture evidence (hello grade 4 pictures of me in neon outfits, layered slouch socks and crimped hair). The Hubster on the other hand is the fourth child. There are hardly any pictures of him. It makes me sad. He tells a funny story that when he needed a picture for something at school as a child he went to the neighbours because they had more pictures of him than his parents. There are probably more pictures of Princess Peach in her first six months than The Hubster has in his whole life. Maybe I’m a little obsessed so Princess Peach will have picture documentation of everything she has done so far and will do in the future.

I guess time will tell too. Once we add future siblings to the mix people say that your picture-taking decreases. I hope mine doesn’t.

Here are a few recent pictures captured by me, mamarazzi 🙂





























































Do you take lots of pictures of your children? What type of camera parent are you? Do you always have the camera out or just bring it out for special occasions?


  1. I take photos with my phone all the time – they aren’t the best, and I doubt I’d print them, but it’s great for proof when you’re out and about and she does something for the first time.

    I ALSO love the name Hubster came up with.

    P.S. I need to know – where did you get those uber cute Elmo slippers?!?

    • mscmommylife says:

      The Hubster says he isn’t very creative but he comes up with a lot of great ideas!!
      I have surprisingly printed quite a few pictures off my Iphone. The quality isn’t as good as my camera but I agree it’s proof of something!
      The Elmo slippers are a hand-me-down from her older cousins. They are HUGE on her but she is obsessed with them and often naps in them on the weekends.

  2. Laura says:

    “Mamarazzi”- love it. My husband is definitely a “Papa”-razzi more so than I’m a “mama-razzi” but I also take a lot of pictures. I love looking back at them! Your pics are adorable, by the way. I’m sure i’ve said this before, but Princess Peach has awesome hair.

    • mscmommylife says:

      Laura, I usually have to tell my husband when something is a camera moment so I am pretty much in charge of the camera and picture taking. Her hair is amazing. I am jealous of the curls but not of her funky morning hair. The hair styles she wakes up with are quite amusing!

  3. What a sweet heart!

  4. I am a mamarazzi! I have point and shoot, Instax (like a Polaroid), cellphone camera and sometimes the SLR with me. I will say though as much as I take photos of my kids, it really does decrease when there is a second child. There just isn’t time to capture everything on film (because there are kids to pull off of table and counter tops, spills to clean and meals to cook) with 2+ children.

    I think in my daughter’s first year of life I had 1000 photos. My son’s first year – maybe 600. Still quite a bit if you think about it but not as crazy mamarazzi as I used to be 😉 I wish there WAS time to be but then my house would be a complete mess and my children would starve. HAHA

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