3 year olds need warning labels

Toddler Warning My So-Called Mommy Life

Three year-olds should come with a variety of warning labels: May combust at any time. No warning needed. Speak to her at your own risk. She’s screaming at you, can’t you understand her?

We are 2 months and 5 days into Princess Peach being three. Oh my goodness. Why didn’t anyone tell me that the temper tantrums that a three-year old has is nothing on the temper tantrums of that of a two-year old?! Hello, here people! We are supposed to be sharing these little secrets with each other 🙂 Right?

Here are my favourite Top 10 Tantrums that Princess Peach has had so far as a 3-year-old:

10. According to Princess Peach, her brother sat on the toilet for too long.

9. I braided her hair but didn’t braid it the way she wanted me to braid it!

8. I gave her the “wrong” princess sippy cup. You know she has 6 identical ones, yet I chose the wrong one!

7. She didn’t want Thursday to be garbage day. Sorry kid, I don’t make those rules!

6.  She doesn’t want to pee in the toilet but wants to pee outside on the grass.

5. That once she is married, her and her husband have to live in their own house and not with me.

4. She needed a bagel at 7 pm. Right that second and I had none in the house.

3.  I would not let her watch Nerdy Nummies when she woke up in the middle of the night at 1 am! 

2. I put on a Doc McStuffins Pull-up at bedtime. She wanted the Ariel one.

1. I wouldn’t give her a lollipop for breakfast aka 7 am. Full mental breakdown

My So-Called Mommy Life temper tantrum

Being a 3-year-old is tough! What has your 3-year-old had a tantrum over?


  1. loren416 says:

    lol. Little kids, little problems. Just wait…

  2. Brandee H says:

    Mine does not like it when people speak to him. Don’t say hi to him. Dont ask him if he wants a sticker. No he doesnt want to be your friend. And please, please dont say he’s cute! You will feel his wrath!!!

  3. loucheryl says:

    What hasn’t my 3 year old had a tantrum over? LOL! I always heard about the “Terrible Two’s” when I didn’t have kids. NO ONE SAID ANYTHING ABOUT 3 year olds! 3 was definitely worse than 2 for my older son. Baby boy hasn’t reached 2 years old yet. Let’s see how he is at 2!

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