Toilet training essentials with Kandoo

toilet training toddler essentials what to have

In late June, I took the plunge (pun, intended)and toilet trained Princess Peach. I prepped Princess Peach long and hard about the “diaper fairies” coming to our house one night and taking away her diapers. They would then deliver them to babies who needed them. She never clued in that the other “baby” was her […]

Parenting 101 #giveaway

Church and Dwight Parenting 101 giveaway Canada

I’ll never forget the four page handout my pre-natal class gave us expectant parents. FOUR PAGES! It was insane. It totally freaked me out! The handout was separated into different categories but right away I felt so overwhelmed what I was being told I needed to have for my baby. I even added to the […]

Finding the right car seat with Diono

Diono Radian XT

I’ll never forget the moment that I put my little babies in their bucket for the first time on our way home from the hospital. The bucket was so light and I couldn’t imagine how my new tiny baby would ever fill out the whole thing. But it happens and it happens fast! The great […]

Freshly Picked moccasins #review and #giveaway (Canada & US)

Freshly Picked Prince George

I have an Instagram obsession. If you aren’t following me over there yet, I think you should 🙂 One reason why I love Instagram is that you get fabulous snippets into people’s lives. People also share their stores, companies and goods that they create. It’s so fabulous. So if you aren’t on it and follolwing […]

Cleaning up for graduation with Kandoo

This past week was a big week for my little Princess Peach. She “graduated” from pre-nursery school on Thursday! Her school put on the cutest graduation for these little people. So much planning and preparations went into a very special performance from a big group of 2 and 3 year olds. Her school sent out […]

The Spring Baby Time Show in Toronto #giveaway #babytimeshow

In less than 2 weeks one of my favourite events will open in the GTA! The BabyTime Show will open their doors on April 25, 2014 and run until Sunday April 27, 2014 at Hall 5 at the International Centre. When I was pregnant with Princess Peach I first attended the Spring time show and […]

Boomerang Kids – Great bang for your buck

I love shopping for my kids and I love finding a great deal. I prefer to buy my kids new clothes unless we are given great hand-me-downs from friends and family. There have been many times in the last 2.5 years that i have gone to a consignment store to look around but found myself […]

AVENT Manual Breast Pump Review and #Giveaway #AVENTmomsCA

When I left the hospital 3.5 days after having an emergency c-section with Princess Peach, The Hubster and I dropped her off at our house with my parents and run to a local baby store. I was trying to breast feed and believed that I needed the most expensive double electric pump on the market. […]

Scooting around with Stokke® Scoot™ #review

When I was pregnant with Princess Peach, I became obsessed with researching products. The longest amount of time I spend researching one single item was my stroller. I had a checklist of everything I wanted the stroller to have and  wanted to make sure that all of my boxes were properly checked off. For me […]

Check out the #BabyTimeShow in Toronto and giveaway

The first time I went to the BabyTime Show was when I was about 5 months pregnant with Princess Peach. I’ll never forget how excited to I was to be able to check out the most popular baby products on the market all under one huge roof!  Next week from November 8, 9 and 10th, […]