Toilet training essentials with Kandoo

toilet training toddler essentials what to have

In late June, I took the plunge (pun, intended)and toilet trained Princess Peach. I prepped Princess Peach long and hard about the “diaper fairies” coming to our house one night and taking away her diapers. They would then deliver them to babies who needed them. She never clued in that the other “baby” was her brother but the story worked so we ran with it! The diaper fairies replaced her “baby” diapers with “big girl” nap and bedtime only diapers (aka Pull-Ups). I have trained tons of kids with autism how to use the toilet etc but it’s always different with your own. In all honestly, I was nervous about what would happen. I didn’t know if thing would just click or was I in for a royal disaster. Luckily, for all of us she was an absolute super star and was toilet trained in 2 days! On the third day we left the house and have never looked back!

So how did I do it? I’ll let you in on a few of my secrets. I hope they will help you when you decide to take the journey!

  • Get a toilet seat ring insert that goes directly into your toilet. It’s easiest to train directly onto the toilet. No potty to clean or carry/move around the house. Trust me. It’s gross. The toilet seat ring insert just lets you flush everything away in the toilet and go.
  • Kandoo Wipes. They come into a refillable container for in your home and also a wipes type-package for your diaper bag/purse. These are a lifesaver! They are totally gentle to use they make cleaning up bowel movements a breeze. Trust me. You need these. We have a refillable tub beside the toilet and I keep the soft pack in my diaper bag. They have come in handy so many times because unlike regular wipes these are flushable making cleaning up easy.    
kandoo wipes flushable portable toilet training essential

Kandoo Toddler Wipes Soft Pack are great for throwing in your diaper bag


kandoo toilet training essentials flushable wipes tub

The Kandoo Wipes Tub is refillable


  • Fill a spray bottle with a mixture of half white vinegar and half water. This will be your lifesaver when you kid has accidents around the house. I spray it on everything to disinfect and clean. It even cleaned up a mess on my basement carpet.
  • Have a stack of pants, shirts, underwear, socks etc readily available to do quick changes when/if your child has an accident. Don’t get angry if your kid has an accident. Don’t make a huge deal about it. Remind them that they pee/poo  in the toilet, clean them up and move on.
  • I teach an entire bathroom routine when I toilet train. It just makes the most sense and it makes using the bathroom and the hygienic aspect of the routine always predictable. That means the kid pees, flushes, pulls up pants etc, and ends with washing their hands. I love Kandoo Hand Soap. It is the perfect size for a toddler to use it independently. Princess Peach loves the scents, the foam and the colour. What toddler wouldn’t want to wash their hands with purple foaming soap that smells like berries?! I love that it really works, contains no parabens and moisturizes. I must admit that I often opt to use Princess Peach’s Kandoo Hand Soap over mine

kandoo foaming hand soap toilet training essential

Check out the Kandoo website for amazing information on potty training and hand washing tips!

What were your toilet training essentials?

 Disclosure: I am a Kandoo ambassador. I received the product for purposes on this review. As always, the opinions are my own.


  1. Kandoo products are very reliable when it comes to potty training.

  2. chancesmommy says:

    Oh! I really wish I had these when Little One was potty training, We do use the Funny Berry Foaming Hand Soap though!

  3. we have been using Kandoo for quite awhile now and I agree, they make the clean up so much easier!

  4. Jodi Shaw says:

    I used Cheerios to get my son to pee into the toilet, because I was a single mom I couldn’t exactly uh show him. I also used wipes and soaps though they didn’t have such products like Kandoo that were so cute.

  5. Our essentials were and are Kandoos as well. We always have a large supply because you never know what you might have to deal with in the bathroom with little kids!!

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