Scooting around with Stokke® Scoot™ #review

When I was pregnant with Princess Peach, I became obsessed with researching products. The longest amount of time I spend researching one single item was my stroller. I had a checklist of everything I wanted the stroller to have and  wanted to make sure that all of my boxes were properly checked off. For me I wanted a stroller that is “good looking” in the sense of strollers, is easy to use, is easy to push, had a good lifespan- meaning that I was able to use it from infant to toddler and hopefully for more than one child!

For me, at that time in 2011, when I was purchasing my stroller I felt that I found the right one. Now over 2 years later, I’m not so sure. Enter the Stokke® Scoot. The Stokke® Scoot™ is considered the lightweight stroller in the Stokke® collection of strollers. I recently received one to take it to The BabyTime Show in Toronto. I was thrilled that I would be getting a stroller to use and review. I have never owned any other Stokke® products so I really didn’t know what to expect.

I was beyond thrilled when the boxes arrived! Who doesn’t love a delivery? So I cut open the boxes and started to put the stroller together. It was the easiest thing to put together! I couldn’t believe it. I had to snap the four wheels into place, open the chassis and snap in the seat. Easy peasy and took under 10 minutes from start to finish! I LOVE the colour of the stroller. My go-to colour for anything is black but decided to get a colour and went red. It is beautiful! It’s bright and eye-catching.

Stokke Scoot stroller


Here are some exciting features of the Stokke®  Scoot™:

  • The seat can face outwards or inwards towards the parent
  • The handlebar is adjustable
  • Easy, large footbreak
  • The cup holder placement is in the middle of the handlebar
  • A large under basket
  • The stroller includes an amazing rain cover and mosquito net
  • You can push the stroller with one hand
  • Can be folded with one hand
  • Compact when folded and doesn’t need lots of trunk space
  • A Stokke® Softbag can be purchased for infants 0-6 months to keep baby warm
  • The stroller comes in 8 fabulous colours

Here’s a short clip of me highlighting some of the strollers awesome features!

The day of The BabyTime Show arrived. I folded the stroller and placed it in my car. I have an SUV so we have quite generous trunk space yet I was so happy to see that when folded it was extremely compact leaving more trunk space available for all of our other baby items and purchases! When we arrived at the parking lot downtown opening up the stroller is a no brainer. Open the chassis and go! I faced baby towards me. The stroller features two seating positions; rest and active, both of which can be used when the seat is either facing inwards or outwards. You either attach or detach the clips depending on which position you want. For the majority of the show, Little Dude was in the rest position.


Our first test with the stroller was getting through the crowd of people. The stroller is slim enough that it is able to go through and around obstacles without getting stuck. Up the escalator (without baby in it, of course!), no problem! I really love that the ride is smooth. You really feel the smoothness of it when you push it. Some of the flooring at the show was carpeted or concrete and there wasn’t ever an issue pushing on either surface. Taking it outside and into the elements now (rain and snow) the push is still as great. The addition of the Softbag is a life saver. No need for bulky blankets on top of baby. We dress him in a fleece outer layer, place him in the softbag and he is cozy and warm for our cold Toronto weather!

Stokke Scoot Softbag

Let’s talk storage. For me a fabulous stroller MUST have ample storage. My husband always teases me that since we have had children, I have become a bag lady. It is true. Somehow I accumulate bags no matter where we go. I love the size of the basket in the Stokke®  Scoot™. It is large and is easily accessible from all sides. I had an extra large shopping bag underneath at The BabyTime Show and it fit very well along with my large diaper bag and some extra baby items. The stroller is quite sturdy at 22 lbs so I was never afraid of it being weighted down or afraid it was going to tip over.

Stokke Scoot Storage basket

For my a great cup holder on a stroller is very important! I always have some sort of drink with me when I’m out and about so the placement and accessibility of my drink is key. I love that the cup holder is in the middle of the handlebar. It will never come in contact with anything on the side, and won’t break off.

Stokke Scoot cup holder

The entire time at the BabyTime Show I was able to push throw the crowds of people with one hand! My husband who had just had shoulder surgery at the time and had no issues maneuvering the stroller through the aisles either!

At the end of the show we fit the Stokke®  Scoot™ in the elevator with two other strollers. It really is slim enough to fit into smaller spaces without compromising on comfortability for the passenger 🙂 At The BabyTime Show I only had Little Dude with me as my passenger but Princess Peach (who is a very tall 2 year old) fits into the seat with no issues. When out and about I am able to interchangeably put either of them in with no major changes. It’s simple to flip around the seat so Princess Peach can face out and when I want to put Little Dude in the stoller, it’s a quick flip of the seat so he faces me! So versatility wise this stroller has been a winner!

There are only two things that I wish the Stokke® Scoot™ had but by no means are these a deal breaker. I have a Graco infant car seat and as of now Stokke® does not make a car seat adapter for this brand. If you have a Peg Perego or Maxi Cosi infant seat you are in luck because those two brands have adapters for the stroller so the infant car seat can snap right in! The one other feature I wish it had was a wheeled board so my toddler had somewhere to go if she gets tired of walking when we are out.

So for all of you parents and parents-to-be, if your list of needs and wants of your stroller looked anything like mine, you should check out the Stokke®  Scoot™. I promise you will not be disappointed! And for everyone else, you know where to find me, I’ll be Scooting around town in our new Stokke®  Scoot™!

For more information check out Stokke® on the web, on Facebook and Twitter.

Disclosure: I was provided with a Stokke®  Scoot™ stoller for review. The opinions in this blog are honest and are my own. 


  1. Cassie Fancy says:

    This looks so neat . I wish I had one when my little ones were babies

  2. loucheryl says:

    I have a Stokke Xplory and I just LOVE it!!! This stroller looks amazing.

  3. emk77 says:

    I want to ask you that, Is it possible to use Scoot for new born baby with out soft bag?

    • mscmommylife says:

      Hi! The seat lays flat so you can put a baby in it without a soft bag. You can also get adapters that make your car seat snap into the frame as well.

  4. emk77 says:

    Thank you for your fast reply and help 🙂

  5. khadigasamy says:

    Hey!! it’s good to know that the stroller works well in Toronto Snowy weather, I’m from Montreal and I was wondering how good is it with snow? I was told big wheels are better for the snowy weather, so for you small wheels of Stokke scoot are not a downside? I mean will there be a time that I regret buying it? 🙂

    • mscmommylife says:

      We’ve had no issues using it in the winter, although last year when it was freezing it was TOO cold to walk outside let alone stroll my baby. We have used it on uneven terrain at the cottage too with no issues. It is by far my favourite stroller still, almost a year later.
      Stokke did just come out with a new stroller that you may prefer, called Stokke Trailz which is their all-terrain stroller
      Best of luck with your decision!

  6. Marta says:

    Hi I have recently purchased scoot for my 9 month old baby and have no idea how to keep him warm, what would you recommend?

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