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I love shopping for my kids and I love finding a great deal. I prefer to buy my kids new clothes unless we are given great hand-me-downs from friends and family. There have been many times in the last 2.5 years that i have gone to a consignment store to look around but found myself overwhelmed by racks and having to check the quality of clothes for stains, holes, wear and tear etc.

Boomerang Kids

Enter Boomerang Kids. It’s North America’s first and only resale chain of stores carrying new and used children’s items in-store and online. Currently they have stores in Ontario and Quebec and they opened their first store in Vaughan, Ontario in October 2o13.¬† From strollers to bathing suits and everything in between you can find it at Boomerang Kids. Carrying brands like GAP, Osh Kosh, Jacadi, Huge Boss, Prada and Burberry you are sure to find some stylish items at bargain prices!

I was so excited to try shopping a resale store online. To me this would be able to solve all my problems. My time is limited already and being able to shop online saves me a ton of time as I don’t have to schlep the kids with me. I put on my pj’s, got cozy on the couch and opened my laptop. This shopping experience sounds pretty awesome now doesn’t it? I absolutely loved the search features on the site. You can search all stores at once or choose a store that is closest to you. You can shop by category, brand or sale items. Within that you can then search by gender, size, colour, condition, and price. The condition feature is by far my favourite. Boomerang Kids carries NEW items so you can search for new with tags, excellent and gently used items. This is why I haven’t loved consignment shopping before but Boomerang Kids does all that searching for you with the click of your mouse!

So I know what you are thinking. Share what you bought already! Let me start out by saying I’m obsessed with what I got! When I was shopping online Boomerang Kids was having a special discount on Melissa and Doug BRAND NEW toys so I scooped a whole lot of them up! I got Princess Peach a box of 100 wood blocks, a 27 piece food cutting set that is super cute, magnetic alphabet letters and an amazing preschool beginner board game. Although the board game was previously used it came with its original box and bagged nicely so all the pieces stayed together. These 4 items (3 of which were new) came to a grand total (before tax and shipping) to…..drum roll please…..$41.96! What a deal!


Princess Peach is also into painting her nails and has bothered me for a while for a new nail polish colour. She really wanted one that was yellow. Boomerang Kids had an amazing price on their Piggy Paint polish so I was so happy to scoop it up too!

With summer coming eventually, I Little Dude¬† a NoZone one piece swimsuit that’s new with tags and a brand new pair of gloves for Princess Peach. Each of these items are current items that can be found in stores and I got them for a much lower price had I gone to a store near by. Score!


Let’s talk shipping! There is a flat rate of $10 for all clothing items then depending on heavier items such as toys, and books there will be an extra charge. All of my items combined came to a $12 shipping rate. Super reasonable considering I didn’t have to leave my house! I was so impressed at how quick shipping was. I ordered everything very late on a Thursday evening once the kids were asleep and it all arrived first thing Monday morning!

My shopping experience from start to finish was phenomenal. The website is very user friendly and I was able to find everything I wanted. All of my items came exactly as I expected to so there were no surprises!

Having kids is expensive but shopping at Boomerang Kids helps keep the cost down. Before making the drive to the mall or kids store nearby be sure to check their goods online first to get an awesome deal. I know you will love them as much as I do!



  1. Judy C (Judy Cowan) says:

    I have been reading some good things about this company so I am going to check it out Thanks for sharing your opinion of it.

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