It’s hip to be cube with My Mini MixieQ’s

Sometimes when I look at Princess Peach, I see glimpses of myself as a child in her. For example, she can be quite stubborn at times, as was I. She loves performing and thinks she is the best and as a kid, I thought the same thing of myself. There were times that I thought if I danced on my front porch, someone would “discover me.” She loves collecting little toys and I did as a kid as well. However, toys have come a long way since the 1980s, such as My Mini MixieQ’s ™, a line of collectible, cube shaped figures.

My Mini MixieQ's review
My Mini MixieQ’s™ are Mattel’s newest collectible toy, geared towards young girls. As their name suggests they are mini collectible figures that are cube-tastic!  They are little, cute and colourful!  Included with My Mini MixieQ’s™ are character sheets so you are able to identify which characters you have received. Another awesome feature of these figures is that you are able to POP and SWAP their outfits and hair to create your own unique characters. The possibilities are truly endless to create so many new characters.

My Mini MixieQ's
As a mom to a daughter, I love that My Mini MixieQ’s™ offer a variety of characters with different personalities to choose from. Even though Princess Peach is a girly-girl she’s also tough, sassy and smart. I don’t want every toy that she plays with to be a stereotypical girly toy. The categories of characters are: brave, bubbly, friendly, sassy, smart, sweet, wild, and zany.  Some of the possible characters range from Hip Hop Dance Girl who dances to her own beat to Ikat Girl who loves patterns and sewing.

My Mini MixieQ's
My Mini MixieQ’s™ are quite small making it a toy that is easy to store and doesn’t take up much space, or for Princess Peach to proudly display in her bedroom. It’s also the perfect toy to throw in a backpack to take to grandma’s house for a sleepover or to bring along to a friend’s house for a playdate. Princess Peach loves playing with My Mini MixieQ’s™. When I asked her why she liked these collectibles, her exact words were “I like making the people and playing with them.” The room sets are the perfect combination of role play and imaginative play. Princess Peach received the Beauty Salon Mini Room and the Apartment Playset. I love that pieces are moveable making Princess Peach able to create her own story and narrative. Immediately, she got to playing with the sets and the different characters. The Apartment Playset folds up for storage into a cube and The Beauty Salon Mini Room can be stacked with other Mini Rooms. The Mini Rooms are able to connect with the Apartment Playset adding more options for play. Considering how small these toys are, they offer many fun accessories such as a hairdryer and brush for The Beauty Salon Mini Room.

The endless options of play are keeping Princess Peach very engaged and very quiet! She is really loving My Mini MixieQ’s™. There is also a new App that you can download for iPhones, iPad or Google Play. You are able to track your characters and play games too! It’s a hit with Princess Peach and it makes the toy even more interesting and engaging for her.
Get more information about My Mini MixieQ’s™ product line here. My Mini MixieQ’s™ is sold exclusively in Canada at Toys “R” Us.

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