Schick Intuition Razor Rate and Review

When you are a parent, everyone always talks about not being able to pee alone.  Since becoming a mom five years ago, if my kids are home, someone is always in the bathroom with me. I don’t understand why everyone always talks about peeing in peace and not showering in peace! As babies my kids would be in the bouncy seat while I was showering. Even though my kids are now 5 and 3 years old and even though I close the door, someones head is poking through the shower curtain to play peek-a-boo, complain, tattle-tale or tell me they are hungry. My showering routine since having kids has drastically changed. There are no relaxing showers where I’m able to stand under the hot water and just let it hit my body. My showers are quick! Get in, wash my hair, wash my body, wash my face and get out. That means my legs are neglected.

 Shick Intuition Rate and Review

I’m embarrassed to admit to my shaving game is less than ideal. My showers have become way too short that my legs don’t get shaved nearly as much as they should. And what do I shave with? Whatever is in the shower. Seriously. I haven’t owned shaving cream in forever. It adds a whole other step to my already rushed routine so when I do shave I usually use soap and my husbands razor.

Schick Intuition Rate and Review

That is until I tried out the Schick Intuition razor. This razor is a game changer, ladies! The razor lathers, shaves and moisturizers all while shaving! No need to buy shaving creams or use lotion after! The four blades on the pivoting head ensures a close, smooth shave leaving legs hairless and ready for shorts, or a skirt! I love the handle. It’s wide, and easy to hold and there is grip on it making sure it doesn’t slide out while getting wet in the shower.

Schick Intuition Rate and Review

As someone with super sensitive skin, this is an awesome razor! No itchiness or bumps after I shave either.  

The razor retails for $11.99 Canadian and comes with two cartridges and a shower hanger.

Sample, Review and Giveaway

I have teamed up with Schick Intuition to giveaway 25 razors to readers in exchange for your honest review on Amazon. All those who follow the steps below and post their review will be entered to win a $100 Gift Card!

Receiving your free sample and entering the giveaway is easy! Follow these steps:

1. If you have made a purchased on in the past 6 months and are interested in trying the Schick Intuition razor please complete this FORM. Please make sure all of your information is complete.

2. Once you receive your razor and test it out, please write your review on Amazon HERE

3. Send me an email at with the link to your review. Please put “Schick Intuition Rate and Review” in the subject line.

4. The draw will take place in mid November using Only those individuals who have sent me their link to their review on Amazon will be included in the giveaway draw for a $100 gift card.

 How to Write a Review on

1. Visit the Schick® Intuition® razor product page on by clicking here

2. Scroll down to “Customer Reviews” and click “Write a Review”.

3. Log in with your Amazon account.

4. Select a star rating and share your thoughts on the Schick® Intuition® razor including the following message near the beginning of the post: I got this product free in exchange for my honest feedback on the product. ” 

5. Click “Submit”

Disclaimer: I received compensation for this post. All opinions are my own and my legs are happy and hairless thanks to my new Schick Intuition razor! This program is only open to age of majority residents of Canada (excluding Quebec). To participate, you must have purchased an item on within the last six months prior to the contest start date. All participants will receive a Schick® Intuition® razor as featured in this post.”  See full Rules HERE



  1. Melanie says:

    Amazing! I have always wanted to try this type of razor!

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