Potty Training Prep

Now that Princess Peach’s bottles are gone thanks to the amazing Bottle Fairies, we have been talking a lot about the Diaper Fairies. You know these little ladies who come at night, collect all the diapers, and give them away to babies who need them? I guess in our house they will be replacing diapers with pull-ups for naps and nighttime. I hadn’t thought about that yet until I started writing this. Well, that’s a little part that I need to figure out.

Princess Peach is a child who you can’t spring things on her. We give her loads of warning, talk about new things that are going to happen and make sure she knows before hand what will be used/done as a replacement. So the Diaper Fairies have now been the topic of many conversations but I just haven’t decided on D-Day yet. I’m a little nervous. I’m not gonna lie. But I know I CAN do it! In the past 10 years I have toilet trained handfuls of children with Autism using various methods so I feel somewhat confident that I will be able to toilet train my own kid!

What does one need exactly to toilet train their kid? I think it’s pretty easy!

  1. Underwear, underwear, underwear. We have purchased more Hello Kitty and Princess underwear that her draws can hold but I know at the beginning especially they will be used! If your child isn’t comfortable with underwear just yet, put their underwear on top of their diaper so they understand and get use to the feeling. Too tight on their thighs? Cut the elastics!
  2. A toilet seat ring that goes directly into the toilet. I’m anti-stand alone potty’s. I think they are confusing unless you plan on carrying it around with you everywhere you go! I don’t, so I’ll stick with the ring. Toilets are always available and there are small fold-able rings that you can put into a Ziploc bag and throw into your diaper bag (along with Lysol wipes too!). This way you don’t’ have to train on a potty and then try to transfer the skill to a real toilet.
  3. A reinforcer which is essentially what your child will get when theyย  pee/poo in the toilet. Usually a pee is a smaller amount and a poo is a larger amount of that reinforcer. Some people do M&M’s, Skittles, Smarties. Whatever! BUT…….make sure that your child never has access to whatever you choose at other times. That way they hold much more value and will hopefully help encourage your child to go to the toilet because they want that treat! At the beginning I would make the reinforcer tangible and immediate. Then over time you can move to a sticker chart and delay the reinforcer!
  4. Fun items to keep in the bathroom while they are on the potty like a magna-doodle, some books, stickers etc. Things to keep them occupied.
  5. A plan/strategy. There are SO many different theories to toilet train a child. BEFORE you start, have a plan on what you are going to do and stick with tit. Think about what you are going to say to them? Are you going to time train them? Load them with liquids? What will you do when they have an accident? Having a plan will make your life easier because you will have already planned how YOU react to them in each situation.
  6. TIME! Plan to stay home for a few days. If you are working you may want to consider a break when you have a few days to devote, a long weekend etc.
  7. Patience. The first few days of toilet training may seem like you are walking around with paper towel and vinegar cleaning up pee/pee all day. But keep with it! Make sure you are patient with the child. You never want them to feel upset or sad about having an accident or them watching you clean up their messes.
  8. You know your kid best. If you try potty training for a few days and no such luck. Don’t force it. Stop it and maybe revisit in a months time or so. You don’t want to upset your child at all. Maybe in a month they will surprise you!

So I’m already to go! Now I just have to wait until the Diaper Fairies make their appearance! I’m thinking that Family Day weekend might be the time! Aaaaaah! Wish me luck ๐Ÿ™‚

Is there anything on this list that you would change or add to it?


  1. Lindy says:

    good luck!!! you can do it ๐Ÿ™‚


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