A Rockin’ Time at Kidville

A few months ago I shared that Princess Peach and I would be spending 45 minutes for 16 Thursdays at Kidville taking the Rockin’ Railroad music class. I was so excited about this wonderful opportunity. Kidville opened for business in Toronto this past September 2013 and I couldn’t wait to see what it was all about.

Rockin’ Railroad is a music class like no other. Each class is led by 2 conductors (the teachers) and a 4 piece musical band. There is a wall of musical instruments and 2 designated areas: Instrumentville and Grandma’s House.

Kidville Toronto Yonge Lawrence Village

Rockin’ Railroad separates a basic music class from the rest.The majority of the music classes that I attended prior to this was just a teacher and a guitar in someone’s basement. So this was quite the change! It really is in a category of its own. Every class you are taken on a journey using your imagination. Each child is given a ticket at the beginning of class (a favourite of most of the kids in our class) that a conductor comes and collects during one of the first songs. Each class also focuses on a genre of music so throughout the 16 weeks you are introduced to a variety of music such as Boys Bands (hello One Direction), African inspired songs and country music. As well, in instrumentville you are introduced to a new instrument each week! In order to figure out the instrument on sale at Instrumenville, the kids have to listen to sounds and see if they are the same or different. They are learning a great skill in such a fun way! Once the instrument is figured out the kids have an opportunity to explore the instrument through dance and a variety of exercises which Princess Peach loves! She loves to shake them high, low, fast and slow!

Kidville Toronto Yonge Lawrence Village


Here are some highlights of why I love Rockin’ Railroad:

  • catchy songs and not all baby songs! There are popular songs for the adults to enjoy and dance and sing along to
  • children learn rhythm, tempo, to follow instructions, use their imagination, opposites
  • opportunities to dance
  • keeps kids entertained the entire class! Kids never get bored.
  • sing along with popular songs for a variety of genres of music
  • learn new Kidville original songs
  • One popular children’s book is sung to music each class
  • a drum circle happens each class
  • bubbles!!! (amazing bubbles that hold their shape and you can catch them)
  • Two characters; Izzy who is at Instrumentville and Grandma who we meet at Grandma’s house each week
  • Enthousiastic staff who run the class
  • tons of fun

Another great perk of taking a class at Kidville is having access to the Playspace with the level of your membership. We LOVE playspace time and have taken advantage of it! They open the gym and the kids have an opportunity to expend their energy in the cleanest kids space you will ever see. Really. Even with lots of kids coming through this place and in the winter, Kidville is spotless! And as a parent I really appreciate that. There is a designated area for kids to eat a snack so that all of the rooms stay clean, trays for winter boots and places to leave strollers. The staff is also very helpful and outgoing! Another perk is the valet parking service. Although it’s not always available when it is it’s a great and very convenient.

So, what’s our final verdict? We LOVE Rockin’ Railroad and Kidville! My kids are already signed up for the winter semester and I they can’t wait. Princess Peach will be taking 2 classes and Little Dude will be taking 1 class. Winter registration is still going on now so be sure to check them out!

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Disclosure: I was offered a free class at Kidville in exchange for sharing my experiences.As always, the reviews are honest and the opinions expressed are mine!


  1. Looks like so much fun, I attended many classes like this with my DS when I was on Maternity leave. I wish there was a Kidville closer to where I live!

  2. this looks so fun, I wish I did more with my boys before they started school

  3. yeewittlethings says:

    That looks like so much fun!! It’s so great to have a place for kids to go where they can be creative and have fun 🙂

  4. Dawn says:

    I really wish I lived in Toronto, this is something my little one would love. She is always singing and playing some sort of instrument.

  5. shandon00 says:

    You had me at drum circle! What a fun and interactive class.

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