99 things I want to teach my kids about life


I started writing this post when I got diagnosed with cancer last year. I was so worried about not being around to teach my kids all the things I want to teach them about life.  Some are silly, some are stupid and some may just sound like common sense. I kept imagining talking to my kids throughout the years and giving them these pieces of advice. But I kept thinking, what if I’m not here to do it? What if something happens and they won’t know what I think are important things? Those little bits of info from a caring mom that I want to instill on them.

Sure no one is perfect and no one can raise the “perfect” human. But I’m going to try my hardest to make sure my children are good people with good morals. I kept thinking back to Princess Peach’s baby naming at synagogue when the Rabbi addressed The Hubster and I in front of the congregation. He said that Princess Peach is our gift to future generations. We are to raise her and all of our children to be the leaders in years to come. That how we parent, and the choices we make in turn affect way more people than we could ever imagine. Those words have stuck with me ever since.


So with my treatments behind me and no evidence of disease, I plan to be around for a lot of years to teach my kids all the things I want to. And if g-d forbid something should happen to me, can someone share this post with them? I would hate for my kids to be slurping their soup!

  1. Laugh, often. 
  2. Brush your teeth before you leave the house (and before bed too)
  3. Never lie in your bed with clothes that you’ve worn outside. That’s gross
  4. Pursue your interests no matter what they are
  5. Don’t let anyone or anything stop you from them!
  6. Surround yourself by people who are supportive
  7. Don’t wish the years away. Enjoy where you are today
  8. Eat cake and lots of it!
  9. Celebrate half birthdays and your day of birth. Anything for a celebration!
  10. Don’t hold grudges
  11. Don’t judge people before you get to know them
  12. Read books
  13. It’s ok to cry
  14. Find beauty in everything
  15. Treat yourself to a something special once in a while. 
  16. Be active. 
  17. Be part of a team. 
  18. Be a good sport
  19. When you lose, always congratulate the winner(s). 
  20. Always have money to travel. Even if you don’t go very far it’s always fun to explore new places. 
  21. Jeans don’t need to be washed every time you wear them
  22. Listen to music
  23. Be an advocate for yourself when it comes to your health. You know yourself best
  24. Always tell the truth. It’s worse to get caught in a series of lies than deal with the consequence of telling the truth. 
  25. Be kind to others and yourself
  26. Learn how to make a few meals, well. 
  27. Never go to sleep angry at a loved ones
  28. Don’t be late for appointments or meetings. There is nothing worse than not  respecting other people’s time. 
  29. Be vulnerable. 
  30. Don’t try to be perfect. Ever. Try to be better. 
  31. Smile often
  32. Donate time, money and/or resources to a charity that resonates with you 
  33. You can’t control the way others think of you
  34. Don’t slurp soup!
  35. Know that even though people may post pictures online of their “picture perfect” lives, they usually aren’t. 
  36. Do nice things because they are the right thing to do. Not for recognition. 
  37. Eat ice cream. Daily in the summer
  38. Don’t compare yourself to others
  39. Dance!
  40. A scale should never dictate your self-worth
  41. Meditate. It’s amazing how good it makes you feel afterwards
  42. Vote! It is so important to have your say even if you feel like yours won’t count. Do it anyways
  43. Never chew your food with your mouth open
  44. Never stop learning. There are so many opportunities to always educate and better yourself 
  45. Volunteer for a cause that you feel strongly about. 
  46. Moderation. Too much of anything isn’t good. 
  47. Be grateful
  48. You are stronger than you think. 
  49. Don’t use being busy as a reason to not do something you may later regret
  50. Wear what makes you feel good not what the magazines say you should be wearing
  51. Breakfast for dinner is always a good idea!
  52. Once in a while unplug from technology. It’s hard but oh so nice (and needed)! 
  53. Do something that scares you
  54. Invest in a pair of good shoes
  55. It’s always nice to give a compliment
  56. Learning how to swim is a life skill
  57. It’s better to try and fail then not try at all
  58. Dream! 
  59. Be a good friend 
  60. You can never completely erase things once you post them online. So think before you post. 
  61. If you are talking to someone and they have food in their teeth or something on their face, tell them. They will appreciate it
  62. Don’t drink and drive. Ever. 
  63. Some movies (like Dirty Dancing and Troop Beverly Hills) are meant to be watched over and over again
  64. Don’t do anything that makes you uncomfortable
  65. Play scrabble
  66. Learn lots of big impressive words and use them in context and while playing Scrabble
  67. Handmade gifts are thoughtful
  68. Admit when you are wrong
  69. It’s ok to have a bad day
  70. Your attitude makes a difference in every situation. 
  71. It’s ok to stay in bed all day and binge watch a TV series on Netflix. 
  72. Even though people comment on outer beauty first, once people know you, it’s the inner beauty they focus on. 
  73. Wash sheets and towels in hot water
  74. Wear sunscreen
  75. Learn to play an instrument
  76. Make eye contact. Especially when other people are talking. That way they know you are really listening. 
  77. Respect authority even if you don’t agree with them. Always show respect. 
  78. Presence is better than presents
  79. You may never forget what someone did, but it is important to forgive. 
  80. Friends are the family we choose for ourselves. Choose carefully
  81. Save some school work over the years that you are proud of
  82. Try to make some Eco-friendly choices. Not only is it good for you but the earth will thank you too
  83. If you aren’t sure about something ask questions and for clarification. 
  84. There are no stupid questions 
  85. Use manners! People appreciate hearing “please” and “thank you”
  86. Collect something. If you have an interest it is totally ok to want to collect them no matter how silly it may be to someone else
  87. Visit historical monuments around the world
  88. You don’t have to believe in God, but believe there is a higher power and something greater than yourself
  89. Ride a bike
  90. Learn how to change a light bulb, change a flat tire, and fix a clogged toilet. These skills will come and handy one day. 
  91. Learn to speak another language
  92. Don’t do anything stupid to get arrested. You don’t need a criminal record
  93. It’s ok if you don’t understand and don’t like Shakespeare. 
  94. Admit when you are wrong
  95. Even though you way be swayed by friends and family’s opinions on a topic, ultimately choose what makes you happy. Not others. 
  96. At one point in your schooling go on an exchange. 
  97. Take pictures and videos of special events but don’t hide behind your camera to not enjoy the occasion. 
  98. I may not like every choice you make
  99. But remember I will always love you no matter what


  1. Jenn says:

    Ok. So I have just saved this post in my bookmarks. Thank you for this, Renée.

  2. Tracey says:

    This is so fantabulous!

  3. Sharone says:

    Excellent! Love it. I am so glad that you are doing well.

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