That time I tried to be one of those Pinterest moms


I love Pinterest. I love perusing people’s boards to see what they find inspiring. Usually I will Pin some easy recipes that I find interesting but very rarely if ever, attempt to do any of the DIY stuff.  Sometimes I wish I was one of those moms that could look at a few random items to create the most amazing things. But I’m not! Truth be told, there have been way too many times when I had ideas of grandeur by seeing someones DIY post. Thinking I can do that too, I go out and buy all the necessary supplies. And guess what happens? NOTHING! Exactly, nothing. I can’t find the time to do it, or it’s not the right season, I’m missing one item needed or I just forget.

A few weeks ago, with Valentine’s Day almost here, I was looking at homemade Valentine’s Day prinatbles on Pinterest. At Princess Peach’s school we aren’t allowed to send it any edible treats. There were so many Pins about non-edible options that are super cute. There were cards with bubbles, dinosaurs, cards, straws and bouncing balls. I loved a lot of the ideas but then decided I wouldn’t be doing any of those. It’s very time-consuming to purchase the items and then assemble it. So pre-made Valentine’s Day cards it was which I am totally ok with.

But then it happened. I told my husband I was going to Walmart to buy some cards for Princess Peach’s class and he said “You aren’t going to make those cards like on Pinterest?” Hmmm. “Nope”. I said. “I’m going to get the pre-made cards. It’ll be easy for Princess Peach to do.”

Off to Walmart I went and found the perfect cards for Princess Peach to give to her classmates. As I was leaving the cute Valentine’s Day section I saw packages of curly red straws. What do you think popped into my head? Pinterest! I saw this on Pinterest. As I juggled the Frozen cards I had chosen out with the straws, I was having an internal battle with myself. Am I really about to do this? It’s just Valentine’s Day. Take the straws, my brain kept saying. So stupidly, I put down the Frozen cards. I heard my husband’s voice in my head and then thought to myself that I’m home this year so I’ll do this. I have time.

Then came all these time-consuming ideas about what tags to get to write a note on? Where do we even find such tags? What message am I going to write on the tags? Something generic or something cutesy to go with the straws? Are we going to handwrite it or print it? If we print it, what labels am I going to get? How am I going to attach the card to the straw? Do I buy string, wire, rubber bands? Make. It. Stop!

But, I started buying things. I couldn’t stop. I was deep into this. I couldn’t turn back now! I went to 5 different stores to buy everything I needed. I hand-wrote a message on each one but didn’t end up doing the longer more appropriate straw message that I had seen on Pinterest. I bought ribbon to tie the card onto the straw. Princess Peach still needs to write her name on all of her cards to give to her friends tomorrow at school.


I’ve spent way too much time this week worrying about a silly little Valentine’s Day token that will most likely be thrown in the garbage (even though I think these straws are cute!).

This year I tried to be one of those Pinterest moms. What did I learn? That next year when Valentine’s Day comes around, I know to stay away from Pinterest because I am not one of those Pinterest moms. I’m just not and I am a-ok with it! From now on, pre-packaged Valentine’s Day cards for my kids.

What do your kids give to their classmates?

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