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I love mail. Since owning a house and becoming “an adult” I don’t love it as much because mail usually equals bills. My good friend Sophie is one of the few people who still sends me mail and I find it such a wonderful surprise and special treat when I receive it! Did you know that you moms can get a box of goodies sent to you each month? This is mail that is pretty exciting and tailored to you either during your pregnancy as an expectant moms or your baby’s stage of life as a new mom. Each box includes 4-5 must have products.

MommiesFirst box

I got my MommiesFirst box right before Little Dude was born. I opened my door and this beautiful box was waiting for me! I was so excited to open it. Inside was a really beautiful personalized note from Lorena Pacheco Scott, the founder and CEO. I could really feel the love she has for what she does and every item that was placed into the box. My box was called the “birthing box” and it included items that they felt would be helpful to me during and after delivery.

Right away, a grouping of cards on a diaper pin caught my eye. Each product that is included in the box has its own card on the the diaper pin. I loved looking through and reading about the products, why they were chosen, their retail price, the company’s story and where I could purchase the item if I chose to later. I absolutely loved this. I really valued these cards and for a mom who loves to research items the information was great! I also value that each item that is included in the box was tested by other parents so not only are they great products but moms like me think that the products are great and want other moms to know about them!


My box included these items:


I love that my box included a magazine. Eco Parent isn’t a magazine that I have purchased before but it was a great read and when I was up at all hours breastfeeding it was nice to have something to read. When I opened the box I was really confused why the Preggie Pop Drops were in a “birthing box”. I have seen them at many maternity and baby stores but thought that they were used during the first trimester of pregnancy to help with nausea. That is one of their usages but they are also safe to use during labour and delivery to help with dry mouth and energy! I thought this was totally genius. I had a C-Section and wasn’t allowed anything to eat or drink but had I gone through labour I know this would have helped immensely. Another welcomed product in my box was the Pariday TendHer Pillows. Although I am successfully breastfeeding Little Dude now with NO issues I probably encountered every possible issue related to breastfeeding (except mastitis thus far). I’ve had cracked, bleeding, sore nipples, a yeast infection in my breast and not my nipple, latching problems, engorgement. The list can go on but I will stop there. These pillows are amazing because they can be frozen or heated and depending on the soothing I required at that time. I also liked that this product was created by three moms who like me had breast feeding issues. Due to my allergies I could not use Sigrid’s Mama’s Belly Butter. Luckily I know lots of pregnant mommies who can make good use of it.

Be sure to check out MommiesFirst website if you are interested in a box for yourself or as a gift.  You can sign up for 1, 3,6 and 12 month subscriptions! The price of each box is $30. Considering the wonderful products you get this is an amazing deal. Also follow them on Facebook and Twitter!

Have you ever ordered a subscription box?

Disclosure: I received a MommiesFirst Box in exchange for my review. My opinions are honest and are my own.


  1. Sophie says:

    Haha, glad you like my postcards!

  2. Thank you so much for youre wonderful review of our MommiesFirst boxes 🙂 We are glad that you felt the love through our box!

  3. Sophie says:

    Well, I must say it is indeed quite an achievement considering I don’t know anything about kids or parenting!

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