Toddler Crack

Yes, it’s true. There is such a thing as toddler crack. Have you heard of it before? Can you guess what it is?

Before I even give you a clue, let’s see if you know what it is………

Ok here are 3 clues:

1) The sister is annoying  (that should give it away)

2) They don’t have parents in the show

3) They are animals that talk

Soo…………who are THEY? This toddler crack that I speak about.

It’s Max and Ruby. Pure and udder toddler crack. It’s free crack if you have cable 🙂


Besides asking about her brother, this is what Princess Peach asks for in the morning after drinking her milk. It’s also what she wants to watch before bed at night (we learned our lesson about that one and no longer is allowed to watch close to bedtime).

Everyone knows about my dislike of Calliou and how annoying he is. He was eventually banned from our house. Lucky for us, Princess Peach has only asked to watch him on one occasion. I don’t think that I will go to the extent of banning Max and Ruby but there has to be something about the show that kids are addicted too. I, as an adult, don’t get it!

Ruby is a totally biatch. She is so mean to Max in every episode. She never lets him do anything and constantly says “no” to him. “No Max you can’t go outside”, “No Max you can’t take the frog home”, “No playing in our band Max”. If you haven’t paid attention to it yet, you know will! Max, however, I’m pretty sure is delayed. He only ever says 1 word an episode. There has been a few episodes where he does string two words together but those episodes are very rare. He is very clever though and the word of his choosing is the last word of the episode typing everything together!

It also drives me nuts that they don’t’ have parents. There is a picture on the wall of them with parents, we have met their grandmother who lives down the street, and in another episode they visit their aunt and uncle. But why no parents?! Max and Ruby do many things that children should not be doing alone like taking a bath, going to the fair, fundraising for Ruby’s scouts group.

(side note: can you tell I’ve watched way TOO many episodes that I have clearly dissected the entire series)

I don’t know what it is about this show that brings Princess Peach back for more each time, but if Max and Ruby was a drug she’s clearly addicted 🙂

What shows do your kids love? Maybe I can find a few new ones to introduce her to!



  1. Gabriella L. says:

    LOL My daughter loves Max&Ruby! Yo Gabba Gabba and the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse are close runners up. I am trying to get her OFF of Dora. They repeat everything 1,000 times in these crazy voices that I hear even in my sleep!

    • mscmommylife says:

      I hear Ruby’s voice in my sleep! ha. My daughter hasn’t seen Yo Gabba Gabba or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse yet!

      • Gabriella L. says:

        Just keep her away from Dora the Explorer! Aside from the annoying voice they repeat everything 1,000 times. At first I loved Dora then like you I started hearing that little voice in my head.

  2. HAHAHA… Love this post! My son was totally obsessed with both of the shows mentioned in this post. There is a trend in these two shows… Caillou and Ruby are both very whiny and super mean to their younger siblings!

    • mscmommylife says:

      Thanks Amanda 🙂 Ruby is so whiny and mean! And….today my daughter wanted to wear her t-shirt with a cape to be Super Bunny!! Lucky me!

  3. Cheryl says:

    LOL. And here I was thinking maybe you are talking about food or snack.

    Max and Ruby aren’t really popular with my kids … in our home it’s Toopy and Binoo. Watch it once and Max and Ruby won’t bother you one bit! Hahahah…..

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