Sometimes you just have to laugh

We are now officially 6 weeks into our “newish” routine and things are getting better-ish. I use “ish” because there are some kinks everyday but that is to be expected at this point. Some days are better than others and some days I feel like I could cry….although I have yet to cry! So maybe that’s a win?

So why haven’t I cried yet? Because instead of crying I just laugh about it…..or just try to laugh it off. I’m not sure which one exactly but if I let everything that went “wrong” during my day affect me I would be in a puddle of tears!

Here is a recap of some of the craziness that has happened in the last few weeks:

-Princess Peach decided to take an orange marker to her brand new Hello Kitty backpack and be an artist and colour the entire thing, inside and out orange! Luckily or thankfully it was a Crayola marker and washed out!

-In one day Little Dude shat all over himself, peed all over himself, and then projectile vomited all over me that I was completely covered in his vomit. Awesome. I smell really good these days! Eau de spit-up 🙂

-Little Dude had a tongue tie so in order for breastfeeding to become easier he got it snipped! Poor baby….

-Princess Peach thinks her boobs are on her shoulders. Almost daily we discuss the placement of boobs, bums, vaginas and penises.

-I booked Princess’ 2 year checkup during her nap time (fail #1). The second she walked into the dr’s office she lost it (fail #2). She screamed for the entire 30 mins we were there. Wouldn’t let the nurse or doctor near her. It was awesome! haha. Best of all the doctor asked me if she’s always like this….nope just there 🙂

-Princess Peach ate lunch at 3pm….it consisted of vanilla ice cream (awesome)

-Often when I feed Princess Peach breakfast I pump. It’s quite the look. Usually Princess Peach tells me it’s “beautiful”. haha

-Princess Peach didn’t want to go to sleep one night and was freaking out. I had Little Dude in the baby carrier and I held and rocked the two of them at the same time.

-I supposedly sing the song “head, and shoulders” wrong. According to Princess Peach I’m leaving out neck, chin, bum, elbow and back.

-Princess Peach often goes to school without eating breakfast. One morning I offered her two breakfasts which she didn’t want. Then we get to school and she freaks out that I didn’t have her breakfast with me.

-I often clean up breakfast and lunch at dinner time.

-I successfully went to a 2.5 day conference with Little Dude. He was a superstar! I was a very proud mama (this was a win. had to put it in here)

-I run a diaper changing line. Put both on the floor, change one and then the other while Princess Peach entertains Little Dude

-I went shopping. Planned on buying nice clothes but the sales people at Holt Renfew wouldn’t talk to me yet acknowledge me. I was the only shopper with 5 employees standing around. Apparently they judged me by my mom attire.

-I wear lots of black clothes. Little Dude spits up a lot which means I usually go out in public covered in baby vomit. ALL.THE.TIME.

-I have breastfed Little Dude in very interesting places because he was hungry

-Princess Peach wanted her first manicure. I painted her nails purple. Problem is I’m not good at paining nails and some nail polish ended up on her face!

So, what have been some interesting things going on in your lives these days??

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