Baby and the Dust Buster

When we moved into our new house in March one of the first items we purchased was a Dust Buster. Most homes with kids have them right? They are so easy to use, portable, hold a good amount of junk and if charged, are always read to go! No, I’m not getting paid by Black and Decker to say this. I actually love my Dust Buster!

Well, what happens when you kid makes a huge mess on the floor after lunch?  You pull out the Dust Buster turn it on and see your kid bolt faster out of the kitchen than Usain Bolt runs around an Olympic track! True Story. The Hubster and I had never seen Princess Peach bolt so fast as when I turned on the Dust Buster.

So like every great parent when your baby gets freaked out you do it again right? Well, obviously. We showed Auntie Beige, we showed some friends, we showed Brother-in-law #2 and Sister-in-law #1 (they are married) and our parents. Yes, we are mean. Maybe I got more joy out of it than The Hubster. Obviously we felt horrible for scarring scaring her. It got us thinking. Why the hell is she so afraid of the Dust Buster. We immediately figured it out and now wonder if it’s true.

After 3 hours of PUSHING (yes, I pushed for that fucking long) and almost 17 hours of being “in” labour the doctors finally decided to try to vacuum Princess Peach out. She was “sunny side-up” which means she was head first but face up. They don’t like to deliver babies like that for safety reasons so after trying everything manually and physically possible, they tried the bloody vacuum. It didn’t work and I think she has post-traumatic stress because of it. We think that the Dust Buster makes the same loud sound that the vacuum made and its scarred her for life. I feel so horrible for her and dont’ want to freak this kid out but she needs to get use to these sounds!

My behavioural therapist background in me has tried to desensitize her to the Dust Buster by having it close to her while off, leaving it in the pantry off but with her being able to see it. I even went as far to find a video on YouTube about a Dust Buster (these videos actually exist!) But to no avail my hard work as failed. When she sees it she bolts, when the pantry is open she watches the door like a hawk in fear that it may “pounce” out of the pantry! The fear on her face is real but it’s so cute.

Hopefully this is just a phase (like everything with kids) and she will be over it soon.

What are you kiddies scared of?



  1. Sarah Lynn says:

    My baby was also “Sunny Side-Up” (I love this expression and am borrowing to use frequently, hope you don’t mind!). I ended up with a C-Section, so she’s not afraid of the vacuum. In fact, I think right now *I* am afraid of way more things than she is…but I’m sure that will change eventually. I hope? 🙂

  2. Laura says:

    Great post! I don’t have a dust buster because I have a dog. He does the high chair clean-up. He’s less scary than a dust buster but a lot more expensive, and definitely louder! 🙂

  3. jeskeca says:

    Our 10 month old is super afraid of the dustbuster, which is very atypical for her as she’s pretty much not afraid of anything or anyone else. No obvious cause. Delivered C-section. Maybe they perceive and don’t like the high pitched whine?

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