Here fishy, fishy…..

I love making fish faces. Not quite sure why. Maybe because I can make them easily and other people find it hard to do? This week Princess Peach has started saying “wooo wooo” when she sees a dog or when I ask her “What does a dog say?”. So maybe her dog sounds more like an owl, but I’ll take it. And it’s cute. We’ve also been working on making fish faces. I’m learning that Princess Peach has wonderful imitation skills (just like her dad. He is the youngest of four boys so he needed great imitation skills in order to survive).

Here’s a cute video from tonight showing off her talent!

*Please note: I refuse to let Princess Peach go in public in her p.j’s (or sleepers) but it was 8 pm and fro yo was calling our name. In hopes that Princess Peach would fall asleep on our walk we changed her before leaving the house. Obviously, she didn’t sleep. haha*

What is your baby/child’s favourite animal sound?


  1. Sophie says:

    I totally understand your call for fro yo!

    • mscmommylife says:

      I’m a little addicted! Fro yo stores with topping bars are all the rage here! Are they popular in Oz? xo

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