My love/hate relationships with online buy and sell groups

Dear Moms and Dads in buy and sell groups, I’m a mom and I like nice things. I like my kids to have nice things. I’m sure you like your kids to have nice things too. I like to save money when it comes to my kids because most of the clothes I buy them, […]

A heart full of love

I have to thank everyone for all the messages, emails, texts, phone calls, snail mail, packages, flowers, food, company and most importantly support that I received since I’ve shared the news about my cancer diagnosis. It has been nothing short of overwhelming and has made me realized how loved I am by so many people. […]

I love you huge

my daughter and i say i love you huge to each other

When I was teen I was obsessed with made-for TV movies. I watched them all. Seriously. Clearly this was a time pre-reality television where made-for TV movies were all the rage! Not only did I watch these movies once but I always watched the repeats and often taped them. There were the stories of the […]

Wordless Wednesday- 18 months ago!

Hard to believe that Princess Peach turned 18 months on Monday! She’s become quite a “big” girl these days. She is very, very opinionated, loves to greet people with a “hi” and a wave “bye” and a kiss and has even started to “sing” along to songs. It’s crazy to think that in 5 months […]

$2 off Mabel’s Labels Heart Labels for V-Day

In spirit of Valentine’s Day, Mabel’s Labels is celebrating the love by offering $2 off heart labels! Look at the three labels above. Aren’t they the cutest? We love Mabel’s Labels in our house!!! Everything Princess Peach owns has a Mabel’s Labels affixed to it! I always make sure our labels our in an accessible […]

Wordless Wednesday: A week in pictures

Here are some of our favourite moments from this week đŸ™‚ The bottom right picture captures a cuddle with Princess Peach where she put her hand on my HUGE belly… was really precious and I was so happy to get a picture of it!

400 days of lessons

So I’ve officially been on maternity leave for just over 400 days…it’ll be 403 days when I return to work today. It’s sad. I’m sad. My husband is sad. Princess Peach? She’s not sad! She was sad to come home with me when we went for her daycare classroom visit last week! I was sad […]

A letter to another mother

*A mother on a Facebook group that I belong to posted yesterday that she lost her baby a week ago at 22 weeks gestation. This is my letter to her* Dear Mother Warrior, I don’t’ know you and we have never met but since I saw your post you have been on my mind all […]