That time I met Ellen (and other things I crossed off my bucket list)

RENT renthead My So-Called Mommy Life

There is no coincidence that I’m posting this today. One year ago today, I was gifted with the most amazing experience, to meet Ellen DeGeneres. She has kept me laughing over the past few years, on good days and bad, that when I put my bucket list together I knew I needed to meet her. […]

My Bucket/ Fuck It List

    I’ve always had a running list of places I wanted to visit and things that I wanted to do over the course of my life. My husband and I also had our list of things we wanted to do together once we retired. I know, its a long time away but it was […]

Another Year Older- Birthday Bucket List

Today is my birthday. I really can’t believe it. I’m another year older and hopefully somewhat a little bit wiser. In honour of my 32 year I’d like to make a list of 32 things that I’d like to accomplish before my 33rd birthday. By putting it in writing I’m hoping that before next years […]

Summer 2012 Bucket List

Summer is here and life couldn’t be better! I planned on putting this up a few weeks ago but better late than never (right?).  I am off all summer and The Hubster is off for 2 months as well. Seeing that we will spending all waking hours together (could make for some very comical blogs), I am going to make […]