Summer 2012 Bucket List

Summer is here and life couldn’t be better! I planned on putting this up a few weeks ago but better late than never (right?).  I am off all summer and The Hubster is off for 2 months as well. Seeing that we will spending all waking hours together (could make for some very comical blogs), I am going to make my summer bucket list. I hope to go through it in entirety and will keep you all updated!

1. Go to the Toronto Zoo

2. Frequent at least one farmers market a week to pick up fresh product

3. Go to high park and check out the new playground

4. Go to the beaches (but no swimming in the yucky water)

5. Take Princess Peach on a boat ride

6. Go to a splash pad


7. Take Princess Peach to a Toronto Blue Jays Baseball game


8. Go bike riding as a family


9. Take up jogging

10. Return to Riverdale farm when Princess Peach is awake so she can see all the animals

11. Go to St.Jacobs one weekend

12. Take Princess Peach swimming in a lake


13. Plan a big (or small)  bash for Princess Peach’s first birthday!

14. Have a picnic

15 Teach Princess Peach to walk on her own (months and months of holding her hand is killing my back!)

16. Read 5 books (I’ve already read one. Looking for more suggestions. Anyone?)

17. Go on a date with The Hubster. Like a real night out date

18. Have a bbq in our backyard

19. Get fresh fruits/veggies at a roadside fruit/veggie stand


20. Take a nap in our hammock at the cottage


21. Cook and freeze at least 5 meals for when I return to work

22. Make s’mores

23. Have a picnic

24. Spend time with family and friends

25. Soak and up enjoy my last 8 weeks of maternity leave before I go back to work and Princess Peach starts daycare 🙂

What is on your summer bucket list? If you have one please leave your link in the comment section!




  1. Carrey says:

    What a great list! I’m a new reader & follower on Twitter 🙂 I hope you are able to get everything on your list checked off. I have a 40 before 40 list on my blog that I hope to accomplish before it turns into 50 before 50. Oh and a summer must read in 50 shade of grey all three books in the trilogy.

    • mscmommylife says:

      Thanks Carrey!!! Love the idea of a list before a big birthday! I might borrow that idea too! I bought 50 Shades but part of me has no interest in reading it. Maybe I just have to force myself? haha

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