Another Year Older- Birthday Bucket List


Today is my birthday. I really can’t believe it. I’m another year older and hopefully somewhat a little bit wiser.

little renee

In honour of my 32 year I’d like to make a list of 32 things that I’d like to accomplish before my 33rd birthday. By putting it in writing I’m hoping that before next years birthday I can go through this list and check everything off!

1. Learn to knit

2. Read at least 6 (Adult) books. Doesn’t seem like a lot but having two kids I’m sure my time will be limited

Books I’ve read: The Spark: A Mother’s Story of Nuturing Genius by Kristine Barnett

3. Lose the baby weight

4. Cut back on the amount of coffee I drink

5. Cook more

6. Blowdry my hair more often

7. Wear more makeup

8. Update my blog at least 5 times per week.

9. Catch up on all the photobooks that I need to create

10. Create a cookbook of recipes I love

11. Try Brussel Sprouts…i know…i’ve never ever had one!

12. Hand write and snail mail some friends a letter each.

13. Make a weekly/monthly meal plan and stick to it

14. Spend a day just with myself doing something special just for me (and for no specific reason)

15. Make an online phone book and address book of our friends and family. If my phone got lost or stolen I would not know anyone’s information! Sad, but true

16. Eat less junk.

17. Try to learn how to run again….maybe even pushing two kids in a running stroller!

18. Make a wall in our house into a large magnetic chalkboard.

19. See a NHL game, an NBA game and a MLB game

Went to the baseball game with my dad on June 19, 2013

20. Learn to play the guitar (something I’ve always wanted to do!)

21. Grow some sort of vegetable or herb in my garden and keep it alive during the summer months!

I started growing Basil but it’s already dead.

22. Spend at least one day volunteering for a charity

23. Buy some more board games and play them!

24. Try to make something for the house from scratch and blog about it

25. Take a cheese course

26. Sing more (non-children’s songs)

27. Learn to say “no” to people without feeling guilty

28.Bake a cake from scratch with homemade icing.

29. Dye my hair (haven’t done this in a very LONG time!)

30. Play basketball

31. Donate blood

32. Try my best to cross everything off this list in 364 days!

I will keep everyone posted on how I do!

Have you ever made a bucket list?


  1. What a great idea! My birthday is next week and I am going to make a list like this. Only it will be 36 spots long… 😉

  2. Christina says:

    I’ll help you with #17!!!

    • mscmommylife says:

      Christina, that’s amazing!! I’m going to take you up on it once baby arrives and I get my clearance from the doctor!

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