No more bottles

Comotomo bottles

Three years ago, as I was weaning Little Dude from breast-feeding, I did something that I thought was ok, but my pediatrician and husband disagreed.  I introduced a bottle. Little Dude was obsessed with my breasts for one week shy of 13 months. He would pull my shirt down in music class just to take a […]

Playtex and Babies R Us Giveaway!!! #babyshower

So there is nothing more that I love than an amazing giveaway! Amazing giveaways have already been posted but this one is even better! Hard to believe right? What if I told you that the new giveaway is for a Playtex gift basket and Diaper Genie valued at $150 PLUS a gift card to Babies R Us […]

We are all mom enough!!!

Remember this cover? If you don’t then you must have hidden under a rock or your head must have been in the clouds!!! When this cover hit newsstands the publicity that surrounded it was insane! This cover was splattered all over the news, blogs, magazines etc. You name it, they were talking about it. I even fed […]