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When I was in grade 8, I really wanted to dye my hair. My mom made me use Henna and I chose a reddish colour. Then as I got older I  experimented with a few other looks. I dyed my hair very dark and then there was a few times (why would anyone let me do that numerous times?!) that I went very blonde and some other colours in between.

It has been a few years since I last dyed my hair and after having two kids I have now earned a handful (maybe more) of grey hairs. I am now ready for a change and my hair needs a new colour. I was recently given an opportunity to ask Clairol Colourist Luis Pacheco questions related to dying hair and hair tips.  Check out the interview below!

Me: I’m starting to get grey hairs. Is there a certain dye that I should be using to colour my hair?

Luis: If you’re just starting to get grey and the colour you are looking to achieve is not too far off from your natural colour (much lighter or much darker) you can use a demi-permanent colour like Clairol Natural Instincts.  A demi-permanent will wash out after approximately 28 shampoos and won’t give you visible roots.  It will also blend away your greys.  It’s gentler on hair than a permanent colour.

Me: How often should I be colouring my hair?

Luis: To maintain your colour, I suggest every six to eight weeks.  Do so even more often if your hair grows quickly.

Me: How do I take care of the roots myself? I have only ever had a hairdreser dye my hair.

Luis: You can easily and quickly use Clairol Nice ‘n Easy Root Touch-Up at home to extend the time in between your salon appointments.  It is a permanent hair colour however, so I would not recommend using it if you’re using a demi-permanent for your all-over colour.  

Me: Having kids around the house I’m looking for the colour with the least amount of fumes. What product should I be using? 

Luis: Use a colour that is ammonia-free. The fumes you’re smelling are simply the ammonia evaporating in gas form. Demi-permanent colours such as Clairol Natural Instincts do not contain such ingredients and therefore will not release its gas and cause that smell.

Me: My hair is quite dry especially at the top of my head where I have lots of fly aways. What can I do to my hair to ensure that it doesn’t get more dried out once it’s dyed.

Luis: Clairol Natural Instincts contains conditioning ingredients and antioxidants that will improve the look and feel of your hair. Since you are experiencing this at the top of your head, I would consider minimal exposure to the elements, such as the sun. Consider wearing a hat during outdoor activities.

Me: If I decide I want to take a colour risk and go lighter or darker in colour, how many shades lighter/darker should I go?

Luis: When using at home hair colour the rule of thumb to remember is to stay within 2 or 3 levels of your natural colour.  Keep in mind that to go lighter you will need to use a permanent hair colour. A demi-permanent colour will not lighten your hair more than about half a level.   If you’re concerned about your roots being dried out I would not recommend going lighter just yet.  Focus on getting your hair moisturized and healthy first by regularly using a weekly deep conditioning treatment.  Instead, consider playing around with the tones in your hair if you’re looking for a change.  Here I would suggest that you try Natural Instincts in 21G Crème-Medium Golden Brown.

Me: What colouring trends are in for the fall/winter? 

Luis: For the upcoming Fall/Winter season, healthy and natural looking hair colour is taking the spotlight. It’s all about a fuss-free colour that truly suits your skin tone and compliments your hair cut and personal style.

I was also very lucky to get a colour consultation by Luis. As I have never dyed my hair myself, Luis gave me some wonderful tips for first time all-over application.


  • If you’re nervous about first time application make a date of it and invite a friend over to help you.
  • Prep: read all the instructions in the box very carefully – make sure you are familiar with them.  This is exactly like following a recipe for a cake; you want to make sure you know all the steps before you start.  Also perform the allergy test at least 24 hours  before colouring.  The instructions inside the box will explain how.
  • Do not wash your hair at least 24 hours before colouring.  The natural oils in your hair help protect your scalp.
  • Colouring: Start by protecting the skin around your hair-line using a small amount of the conditioner in the box of hair colour.
  • Part your hair in 4 equal pieces (middle of the forehead to the nape of your neck, and then from ear to ear).  Pin up the top two sections to do those last
  • Start with the two sections at the back. Apply the product starting at the roots and pulling all the way through to your ends making sure that you saturate each strand. 
  • Repeat with the two sections at the front
  • Allow the colour to develop for the amount of time indicated on the box.
  • Emulsify your hair in the shower and rinse well.  Apply the deep conditioner as instructed.
  • Do not wash your hair for at least 48 hours after colouring to allow the colour to set.
  • Give yourself at least 72 hours to get used to your new colour before deciding whether or not you like it.
  • Enjoy!

I can’t wait to try the colour that Luis suggested! I am a little nervous about dying my hair myself, but I will be using the tips above and documenting the entire process so stay tuned for an update.

Do you dye your hair yourself or have a professional hair colourist do it for you?

Disclosure: I am a PGmom. I was provided with this opportunity through them but the opinions in this blog are always my own.


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