Deciphering Toddler Speak

Princess Peach is talking up a storm these days. It’s been incredible over the last few months to watch her start to string 2 and 3 words together. The funniest thing is to decipher what exactly she is saying.  There are often times when she will have a whole conversation with me in gibberish and my reply is “thanks for sharing” because I have no clue what she’s talking about. At times it can be as frustrating for her as much as for us if we don’t understand exactly what she wants.  Usually, I can figure out pretty quickly what she wants or means but The Hubster often has issues along with others so I end up acting as her interpreter.

So many of her words are so clear that there is no issue and then it’s an easy conversation and interaction. Please, thank you, hello, yes, no, mommy, daddy, hat, pee pee, bagel, milk, bless you, blue and yellow are some words that she says that are clear as day.

Here are some of her “words” that she has created. We have no clue where she actually came up with some of these as we call them their proper names!

Doo= Soap

Baba= Pacifier (or something referred to us as Paci)

Gaga= T.V

Mimi= is her name for herself. It’s really hilarious. When you ask her what her name is, she will never say her proper name, she always responds Mimi. So, we have started to nickname her Mimi too!

All animals to Princess Peach are referred to by their sound and not their proper name. It’s not that she can say the names of the animals (because she can) but for whatever reason she never calls a Lion a Lion. It’s always a “roarrrrrrrrrrrr”.

For her helmet when she wants to go skating or bike riding she just points to and taps her head. For the life of me I’m not sure why she wont’ say helmet. But she made up that sign and for her it works!

Today I called The Hubster from our room and she heard me call him and she responded by calling “Nay”! It was the first time that she called me using my name versus “mommy”. Sometimes she refers to me as “Mommy Nay” which is fine but it was quite hilarious hearing her call me “Nay”!!!

Whether I understand her words or not, this stage of her development has been tons of fun! It is really quite incredible to watch her discover the world around her while increasing her vocabulary daily!

What funny things did or do you toddlers say? What words have they created?



  1. My daughter says “Gar-Gar” for “Cracker”. We’ve started to write Gar-Gar on our shopping lists 🙂

  2. I love reading about toddler speak! My almost 2 year old also makes up words of his own and while we’ve tried to correct him many times, he just refuses to use the proper words and continues to use his own made up ones. So we’ve adopted his toddler speak and hope it will sort itself out when he starts daycare.

    Le Woh = Water.

    Even when we ask him “Do you want water to drink?” he will reply with “Yes peeeez, le woh!” HA HA HA.

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