The day the water broke

So lots of my blogging friends write about their birth stories in one post. I, on the other hand have decided to write about it in multiple posts. Why? Well there are a few reasons. The first is that if I wrote about it in one whole post that post would be gigantic. So instead I’ve decided to break it up. Also, if I write about it, the majority of the stuff is negative and I would like to soften the blow for all my preggo followers out there.

So let’s get started with labour. In the pre-natal class that I took (where i learned nothing) they mentioned labour and how it starts and how they recommend holding off going to the hospital until your contractions are close together. How close, I’m not sure because I don’t’ think we ever talked about it. Anyways, they suggested getting your hair done, going for a leisurely walk, seeing a movie, getting a mani and pedi. All things that sound luxurious right? Well, since 3 months preggo I knew I was positive for strep or something like that (they never really told me) I was told that if/when my water broke I would have to go to the hospital to get I.V. medication.

In my head, I start with light contractions, go get a mani/pedi, go out for dinner and then everything from there will fall into place. Right…….

One day past my due date in the death of summer I got mad at my stomach. I called my mom, my sister, and my friends to let them know that the baby was “late” and that I think being late is a horrible quality in a person. I was telling this to my tummy the entire night. Poor baby πŸ™ I was done being pregnant and wanted to meet my princess. So I was upset all night about her being late and that she would carry this lateness quality with her into life. Sorry, I was a little crazy at the end!!! Blame it on the heat πŸ™‚


After me being upset, I went and lay down in bed. I was looking forward to seeing my O.B the next day and having an ultrasound and getting this baby out. I was dozing when I heard it. A pop. Immediately I felt wet between my legs. I knew it. My fucking water just broke in my bed. So I scream for The Hubster and my first inclination is to run to the bathroom. So I stand up. GUSH. All over the floor. GUSH, GUSH, GUSH. It keeps coming, and coming, and coming and coming. No one warned me for the amount of fluid that comes out. Gross.

At this point I’m in the bathroom. The Hubster is obviously in shock. He goes to see how much fluid got onto the bed which I am happy to report was ZERO. It ended up all over the floor and on his feet. He accidently STEPPED in it while getting my stuff together (we cleaned up the mess while franctically getting everything together to leave).

So off to the hospital we go.

Trust me. The water breaking was the best part of this whole story. Well, that and getting Princess Peach.

Stay tuned!


  1. Sophie says:

    Clearly, i am not ready to be pregnant! But i am looking forward to the rest of the story…

  2. shaina says:

    It’s too bad your prenatal class was so unhelpful. I think it’s also worth noting that it’s very unusual that ones water breaks before labour begins. That’s something I learned in my extremely helpful hypnobithing class. Will keep reading!

    • mscmommylife says:

      Shaina, you are right. Only 10-15% of women’s water breaks naturally so at first it was a shock and then I felt like it was scene out of a movie! It was quite the surprise!!

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