Hey, I just met you….And this is crazy….

Princess Peach was having a crabby afternoon. These days are few and far between for us. Well, maybe they are really never for us. So we had an early dinner. I figured she was hungry when she starting leaping out of my arms for the tomato. By the way, I know if you eat too many carrots you turn orange and get Carotenemia. What happens when you eat too many tomatoes like Princess Peach? Do you turn reddish and get Tomatotenemia? Just wondering 🙂

Anyways, we had Pad Thai Monday which is back after a 2 month hiatus after my Pad Thai didn’t have enough sauce.We were all done eating by 6 pm which never, ever happens. It looked overcast but we decided to brave it and take Princess Peach to the park to play. We took her in her Radio Flyer car to make sure that she wouldn’t fall asleep. She was laughing and waving all the way to the park. It was so sweet. As we enter the park a really cute little boy starts chasing us (well the car) all around the park to the swings. We smile at his mother and she proceeds to take her son to the sandbox. After a failed attempt at putting Princess Peach on the swings we headed over the play structure. It;s amazing  or watching her walk in the park. It’s really a whole new world out there for her!

The little boy and his mom were over at the play structure when his dad showed up. The Hubster and I started talking to this nice couple. We started with the usual chit-chat; age, birthday, name etc. The next thing we know it we were in a full-fledged lovely conversation. We talked about having kids spaced out (her choosing and preference), the neighbourhood we live in, being teachers, kids, toys kids play with and everything in between. I felt like we were talking to old friends. They were very relaxed, down to earth and just nice people! Before we knew it an hour had flown by. I really liked these people! So did The Hubster. But what is etiquette when you meet a new couple and their kid? Invite them for dinner? Ask for their number? Stalk them?! They did tell us where they house was so do I show up at their door with an invite to the park?

So we said our goodbye as it was getting late and ice cream was calling us for a treat before we headed home. When we left The Hubster looked at me and said “I almost asked them for their number!”. Maybe I should carry a business card? We were laughing. But it’s true. When you meet nice people with a child the same age and the parents seem to get along it’s a nice feeling! What does a mommy or family chance encounter call for?

So it got me thinking do mommy’s carry business cards? So as usual I turned to my friend Google and look what I found?! They exist!!! I was quite shocked actually that Vistaprint has an entire section devoted to this new craze! So maybe I’m not so crazy after all. And maybe I should be investing in a mommy card. Can’t you imagine Princess Peach handing them out to her friends at daycare “Tell your mom to call mine to set up a play date”.

image from Vista Print

What do you do when you meet a new mom and seem to get along with them? Would you carry a mommy card?



  1. I think I would pass on the ‘mommy card’ and just do it the old fashion way, ask to get together for another play date, or their phone number. Mommy card just seems a tad bit pushy for me.

  2. Lauren says:

    I have mommy calling cards. I love them! They are great My nanny even carries a few incase a mom in a class asks to get in touch with me.

  3. lindy says:

    best pad thai ever is from thai shan inn. we must go there one time. AMAZING!!! xo. p.s. in second thought I might get mommy calling cards printed out– i’ve never been good at being subtle 😉

  4. Sarah Lynn says:

    That’s a really neat idea. To me, asking another Mom for a play date is as scary as asking a boy out on an actual date!

  5. Laura says:

    Great post. I always wonder what the etiquette is here as well. When I was single, I NEVER asked out a guy, and as Sarah said, asking a Mom for a play date is just as scary (probably scarier!). So funny that these cards actually exist! Definitely makes stalking easier, if you’re going with that option! 😉

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