Happy 6th birthday, Little Dude!


Dear Little Dude,
I cannot believe you are six today! This day makes me so nostalgic to one of the most amazing days of my life. It feels like just yesterday I checked into the hospital for my planned C-section and here you are as a six-year-old!

You are a sweet boy who continues to have a great sense of humour. You have us laughing all the time whether if you mean to or not. Your laugh is also one of my favourite things to listen to. It’s so contagious and so awesome. At home, when your sister is dancing around or when we are having a dance party you often join in with funny dance moves that always make us giggle.


You and your sister continue to have a wonderful relationship. Over the past year you’ve become more vocal if she’s doing something you don’t like or if she’s bossing you around too much. But I know that you care about her so much because when you are apart you always think of her and want to bring her back a treat. I love when I find you cuddling together on the couch watching TV. I can only hope that you will always be so close.

Your high-pitched squeaky voice is still around. Just like as my last letter to you (I skipped last years letter), it makes it so easy to find you when we are in the park or somewhere busy. I just have to listen for your voice and then I know you are there without having to see you. Other people are getting better at understanding what you are saying but sometimes we get stumped from time-to-time. You still have a funny way of pronouncing words and no matter how many times I correct you, you’ll won’t pronounce the word “ crayon” any other way than “crown”.

I can’t believe in September you are going into Grade 1! You made huge strides in kindergarten. You went in not even wanting to pick up a pencil to writing lots of things with neat printing. Your reading is coming along nicely too with being on the verge of being able to read independently. Your vocabulary is amazing and you often surprise me with some big words that you know the meaning of. Your math skills are far ahead of where they need to be and you love when I give you complicated math problems to solve and you do so quickly in your head. For the last two years you have received the same award at school- being principled which describes you perfectly. Acting with honesty and integrity, a strong sense of justice and fairness and being responsible for your actions. You also don’t like us repeating ourselves. Once we tell you something you remember and tell us “you’ve already told me that”.


Kids always like playing with you and you are good about joining into games. You get along with everyone as you easy going and always happy. You have a real love of building with various materials (blocks, Lego, cubes, magnetic tiles) and most of the pictures I was sent this year on seesaw were of the things you built with you beaming with pride beside them. You still love Paw Patrol no matter how many times you ask, I won’t buy you anymore Paw Patrol toys as you have about 100! You were introduced to Pokémon this year and to say you are obsessed is an understatement. Your friends at school are equally obsessed and you love talking about your new EX or GX cards and trading them. You still don’t understand how trading works exactly but we are working on you giving a card and getting one back not just giving all your cards away. When we were in Mexico daddy taught you how to play chess. You took to it and love the game so much. I don’t understand it at all but play it with you anyways. Every time I play chess with you, you call me an amateur!

We signed you up for karate this year and you absolutely love it! Right before the summer you got moved up to a white belt with a yellow stripe. They had a whole ceremony for you and watching how proud you were made my heart burst. You’ve also continued to play soccer which you love. You’ve become a much more confident hockey player and skater and I know daddy is excited to coach your select team this year.


This year you’ve become much more independent. You liked walking yourself to your classroom door and like walking to camp with Princess Peach. In the last week you’ve had an overnight at camp and went to visit an overnight camp for the day. You loved both. As much as you are my baby and I’d love to keep you little forever, I love watching you do new things successfully and love how proud you are of yourself. Always.
You have become a very picky eater. You tend to eat the same meal everyday which makes packing your lunch for school and camp so easy. You still love fruit and this summer tried watermelon. For breakfast you love fruit and a fig bar. For lunch you eat pepper and cucumbers, turkey bacon and crackers. Dinner is often protein pancakes or grilled cheese (which you call “boy cheese”).

We did lots of traveling this year. We went on a road trip to NYC at the end of last summer and you loved watching tennis at the US Open. I took you on a fifth bday trip with your aunt Steph and cousin Cooper to Boston where Steph’s sister lives. We went to California and Las Vegas over Christmas vacation. Watching you at Disney for your first time was incredible! Your favourite ride was Autotopia and you didn’t like the roller coaster or simulator rides. We also went on a last minute trip to Mexico for March break.

Your life hasn’t changed since me telling you about my terminal cancer diagnosis. We don’t talk about it much but sometimes you bring it up and I’ll answer your questions and then you move on to whatever else you were doing. It breaks my heart daily knowing how young you are and that you have to deal with a mom being “sick”. You’ll never have any memories of me not having cancer.
I want you to know that I’m so proud of you and the person you are becoming. I love watching you grow, learn new things and discover the world around you. You are a very special person who I know will do lots of great things in this world.
I love you more than the whole wide world, and back again.




Happy 6th birthday, buddy.
Love mom


  1. kathy downey says:

    Wow,happy birthday !!

  2. Fan R. says:

    Happy Birthday to Your Little One! Such a Big Boy, nice to see he is happy and loved!

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